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A No.6 Love-Lost Elegy

Oh man, I've been wanting someone to make another awesome No.6 MAD and the waiting has paid off. And Aimai Elegy of all things. This is making me listen to the song another 50 times in addition to the 800 times I've listened to it already. The amazing original here if you've been missing out.
#10 on daily ranking, not bad. But it needs to be higher! Mylist!

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Hey I saw this on Nico too. Man I was impressed, didn't know the animation itself wasn't original content though. Kind of disappointed about that...great nonetheless.

Yeah, traced MADs are pretty common on NND. Still really impressive though, that chorus has lots of frames to draw.

In general, I think plot of the m@d is pretty much the same as No.6 anime opening ^__^

*noseblees* oASDOFMAG I wish there's some way for me to save this...GORGEOUS!

Is the website the link goest to free? I'm very cautious about where I watch videos.

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