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Thank you so much for this translation~!!
And I really want to thank you too for the 2 previous translations you did.
I'll read this entry later when I have the time.
Mind if I add this journal? I hope its ok.

And sure, go ahead and add. I might be using this journal for random No.6 spam too.

Thank you, I really hope the anime doesn't stray to far from the novels and lose the last of their audience.

The man hunt sounds atrocious...they had better include that at least. Shion should see the real reason for Nezumi's hatred.

Welcome! I wouldn't say "lose the last of their audience", but they're certainly making some questionable choices in terms of adaptation...

Thank you SO much.
The novel for sure is far better than the anime, so it's really nice to read it translation ♥

Thanks for the translation. And let me shower you with love and praise. xD

Wow, just wow. I swear, this story is always leaving me breathless. Sion and Nezumi's interactions have got to be the sweetest, purest and most gentle interactions I've ever seen. Their relationship is just so pure to the point that it makes me envious how close and attached they are. :)

Thank you for the summary!
The anime would have been much better if it had faithfully followed the novels. ;_;

Thank you so so much! Your translations are great and I am so happy to know what will happen to Nezumi & Shion :)
Shit just got real, indeed.

Oh, man, thank you so, so much for you continued hard work. I really appreciate you translating all this for everyone! I'm hoping that the anime will keep to the novels' plot, condensed as it may be, because the novels are amazing.

I'm also finally getting a true dystopian sense from this novel. I mean, it always seemed like a dystopian society before, but it was still somewhat better off than other dystopia novels I've read. This volume, though, takes the background threat and really moves it into the foreground as reality at last. Makes for a nice contrast against the very strong and genuine bond that Shion and Nezumi have settled into (Even if there seems to be hints of something menacing possibly lurking underneath).

Thank you again for these summaries and translations! ❤

Welcome! I'd rather they condense the novel's plot than adapt everything and make it a mess, but who knows what Bones is doing.

Yeah, the dystopian setting has always had that "unsettling background feeling" until now. It's in the foreground now but it's still just as unsettling. But Shion and Nezumi will surely make it through~ o/

thank you for your summery and translation. This novel is great, not just because of those bromance there =))
Now I'm having an idea that Shion could be anything but human =)))

Just discovered your translations and geeze, moodwhiplash anyone? This man-hunt thing is super disturbing, did I miss a part where they explained what/why they're doing thing or does that come later?
Also, I get the impression that living/dealing with Nezumi everyday must be very tiresome. XD

The only explanation given for the man-hunt is that it's a "clean up". No.6 just "cleans up" once in a while when they feel that the population in West District is getting too high. And in this case, it's also a convenient source of specimens for the experiments they're doing.
And that's it, no better reason - which makes the city that much more unsettling.


This makes a lot of things make sense. Especially 12 year old Nezumi telling Shion about some humans being hunted.

Thank you so much for these! <3

Thank you for the translation and summary!

I'll be so disappointed if the anime doesn't include the manhunt. Eleven episodes doesn't seem enough for all the material in the novels.

brb loving you till the end of my days.

Thank you a lot ;-;

Thank you so much for your summary and translation. You have made my day.
Even though all I have read from novel were the English translation (too little = =), I already love the novel 10 times more than the manga and anime. Feelings of characters totally touch my heart. Nezumi and Shion appear so deep and sophisticated. Yes, I'm a fangirl, but strangely enough I don't feel that I need the sexual tension between them. They are best as they now, with only the pure, platonic "love", no hunger, no desire, simply stay by each other's side.

Thank you so much for that translation! It's all really exciting! I can't wait to find out more! :)

Wow this is made of epicness. Thank you for translations!

The Nezumi's monologue after the neck-grabbing part has been plague-ing me since the Ep 5 and worst-off by the Japanese version of the novel itself.
The languange was seriously difficult for that part I agree ><;;; I couldn't make much sense of it myself.
And then there was the part when he mentioned Sion's eyes actually wasn't showing emotion, gosh that seriously felt like a BOMB just dropped from the sky.
It really tells you how much we still do not know about Sion an marks an impending persona change maybe?

(Actually I've been spoilered till the ending. How far have you read the Chinese novels? :3)


Ahah, it didn't help that I was translating at 3 in the morning... and I have yet to proofread the damn thing (though it's probably too late by now). But yeah, Nezumi monologues tend to be quite extravagant.

(I actually finished reading all 8 volumes of the Chinese translation earlier today, then a not-really-detailed summary of volume 9. Still not totally clear on some plot points, but with that and skimming wikipedia, I'd say I know everything up till the end now. o/)

Haha there is a reason why Good_Haro calls Nezumi a pretentious faggot when she translate the Japanese ver. XD;;;
I read some exerpts and omg the language is so out of place you feel like smacking him lol. It was easy words but his twisting it so much it doesn't make sense.

Nice, will we be expecting all the book summaries? XD

Nezumi is ~literature expert~. Clearly all the acting has gotten to his head.

Yup, I plan to post summaries following the anime's pace. There's most likely not going to be nothing past volume 4 in next ep, though I plan to at least post something this week. And still not sure how much of the novel's plot they plan to change... but at the rate they're going it's highly likely volumes 5-9 will be squeezed into 4 episodes or so. Yeaahh.

Can I just say....

Thank you from the bottom of my heart?
Really. Just. Beautiful.
Even if the translations aren't perfect.
Some parts of this still made me cry.

I just.... can't.... take it... *_*

My heart.
My heart has forever been captured by these two boys.
Forever and ever.

The author.... HOLY CRAP I LOVE YOU SO!

/end fangirling.

Again, thank you, so, so much <3

Thank you very much. That last bit is so... beautiful in some sad way ;;

Thank you very much for your beautiful translation. I'm really grateful because I love this story so much and you're doing an amazing work. Have a nice week dear and thank you again!

OMG thanks! *___*
Really ^^
I love the anime and I'm arrived here looking for the novel's translation... I knew that the novel was way amazing than the anime! Searching for it was a better choice :D
I can't wait to read more of your summaries!
I'm really curious about the end of this story <3

Thank you so much for the translation! No. 6's story really is very refreshing and captivating. I do hope the anime will do a good job in interpreting the story!

Oh. OH. Yeah, this novel does make me breathless... (or maybe it's this cold I'm having that I'm finding it hard to breathe :P) The part where Nezumi was starting to be afraid of the change in Shion does feel a bit scary. Like when you find out the person you've been living with for long, when you think you know them inside out, shows you a side of them you never expected.

A bit funny too cos if we look into Shion's thoughts he still looks like that innocent boy we all know and love.

thanks for your AWESOME summaries!!

Thank you for the summary and translations! I've seen the anime and read all I can of the novels... I'm glad I found these summaries so I could compare the anime to this

hi, i've a question... it's not very clear to me.... how it's possibile that they are in an elevator and they keeps falling? it's like an elevator that goes down at full speed? i'm a bit confused...

I wouldn't take it literally. They're descending down to who knows where in a very unnerving situation, thus the choice of words of "falling into hell" and such.

thanks, the anime version forced me to read it in a much literally way, since in it they are trown like garbage in it. but in this way it's not easy to understand why people died in there, the pile of corpse... i guess those were put there directly from correctional facility's staff?

The summaries might not have made it clear, but there are reasons why they they need to collect such a large amount of corpses. And the anime made it seem like they're just left to rot forever, but in the novels it's clear that they collect all the bodies after some time. It's more clearly explained in volume 9.

yes, i see, the corpses from whose they take the brains. thanks a lot^^

Wow! The manga translation here so far is 1000 times better than the anime. The anime too had parts that were better than in the manga but not much. Nezumi's character didn't change anime/manga. Thank you for this translation. Can't wait for the next vol/chapter.
I wish there would be more sweet scenes or at least some sweet scenes would happen in fornt of the others than Nezumi could be embarassed. shishishi :)

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