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No.6 Volume 4 Summary
Pertaining to the pace I plan to post these summaries at - I wanted to keep pace with the anime, but since they seem to be going with an anime original plot starting at episode 5, I don't know how that's going to work anymore. Episode 5 seems to contain some events from volume 4, which is why I'm posting it now. But who knows how far they'll stray from the novel's plot... we'll see.

Also I realized that "prison" is supposed to be "correctional facility" in the original Japanese. All instances of "prison" in previous summaries have been corrected. "Correctional facility" is annoying to type so often, but it adds to the "make everything sound pretty" dystopian feel, so why not.

As always, these are summarized/translated from Chinese, high probability of mistakes somewhere/everywhere, yes it is 3am, etc.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Rikiga meets with Fura, one of his frequent clients and a high ranking government official of No.6. Rikiga says he's prepared a "very special" girl for him that night, and leads him to Inukashi's place. They arrive and sure enough, there's Inukashi wrapped in a blanket on her bed. Fura starts molesting her but before long, she screams that she can't stand it anymore. Right then, Nezumi(and Shion) crashes into the room, knocking Fura unconscious, and steals his wallet. Inukashi complains that they're late and didn't follow the plan, but Nezumi doesn't give a damn. After more discussion about what they plan to do, Rikiga and Inukashi call Nezumi a demon. Shion disagrees, saying they don't know who the "real" Nezumi is. Nezumi only adds to the conversation by quoting Faust - specifically, one of Mephistopheles' lines. Inukashi says that Nezumi is tricking Shion - he's the one who doesn't know who the "real" Nezumi is.

Chapter 2: Act I Scene II

Fura wakes up with his hands tied and his movement completely restricted. Nezumi demands information on No.6 from him. When he says he knows nothing, Nezumi proceeds to torture him by beating his face in, crushing his hands with shards of broken glass, etc. At this point Shion can't stand watching the torture any longer and interferes. Nezumi grabs Shion and gives him a half hug, half knife-to-the-throat warning. Shion contemplates that, indeed, this is the sort of thing only a demon can do. Nezumi lets him go and he treats Fura's wounds, asking for information from him in a much more gentle way than Nezumi. He's actually successful and Fura starts talking: there's a new facility being built under the correctional facility, but no one knows what it's used for. He speculates that it might have something to do with the Ministry of Health, since they've been hiring many doctors for unknown purposes. Around this point Nezumi decides that they can't get much more information out of Frua and attempts to kill him, but Shion stops him. Fura deduces that the reason why they want so much info on the correctional facility is because they want to infiltrate it. He gives them a very detailed layout of the facility, with all locations of traps and alarms and everything. When asked how they plan to sneak in, Nezumi replies that they'll take advantage of the "man-hunt" that'll take place right before No.6's "Holy Day." Fura asks to leave now, so Rikiga takes him away. Meanwhile, Nezumi tells Shion to memorize every last bit of the map, because they'll need it when infiltrating the facility, and Shion's the only one with such acute memorization skills.

Chapter 3: Intermission

Back at Nezumi's house, Shion asks what plans they have for the summer. Nezumi is amazed that he's thinking so far into the future, but this is Shion's determination for both of them to stay alive until then. As they're discussing the parasitic wasps, Nezumi suddenly collapses. Shion starts panicking, until Nezumi calls out to him to save him. Change to Nezumi's point of view - after he collapses, he sees some sort of dream with green grass and trees everywhere, insects buzzing, and someone singing...

Scene switch. Fura has been taken to the correctional facility by the Ministry of Peace. Meanwhile, those two men - Fennec(just found out that's supposed to be his nickname in the original Japanese, all past entries edited) and the man in a white lab coat - are in a room, waiting for an experiment to start, involving a man they call the "sinner". As it turns out, Fennec is the mayor of the town. The man in the white lab coat tells the mayor - once his term is over, he'll ascend the throne and rule No.6 as a sovereign king. The experiment is about to start now, so the two attentively watch from a screen, showing the "sinner", Fura, sitting in a chair in another room. A wasp slowly emerges from his neck, and before long his appearance changes to that of an old man and he dies. The man in the white lab coat celebrates the success of the experiment, saying that they can now control when the wasp hatches - before long they'll be able to control everything about them. He demands more resources from the mayor - more top class scientists and more specimens, lots of them. The mayor feels slightly annoyed by this, wondering if he can just go ahead and declare himself king without having to go through all this.

Chapter 4: Disaster Stage

Yeah, I found no stopping point for the translation so here's this giant thing:

Looking down as I walked among the stifling hot underbrush, I noticed that my feet were very small. The grass was tall, reaching up to my shoulders.

I realized that I myself was incredibly small, almost being swallowed by the frightening underbrush. Looking up, I saw that the sky was clear blue and distant. The wind stopped. It was unbearably hot.

Someone was calling me.

They were calling my real name, a name I haven't heard anyone say for a very long time. The air vibrated. A branch above my head swayed in the wind, making the scent of green even stronger.

Who is calling me? Who knows my name?

I heard a singing voice, then the sound of insect wings buzzing. Many black shadows were flickering in front of my eyes.

One, another one, and yet another one. Countless insects were fluttering against the clear blue sky, forming circular patterns.

When I approached them, they scattered in all directions, only to gather together again in another place.

They're dancing.

They're dancing to the singing voice.

"Come here."

It was a gentle voice.

"Let me teach you how to sing. Let me teach you songs you need to survive. Come to my side."

My name was called, over and over again. It was a nostalgic voice, but I was unable to move.

The sound of insects buzzing became louder. The sound ceaselessly echoed in my ears, vibrating the air. The black shadows danced wildly.

Ahh, this scenery...


I was called back to my senses, pulled back by a strong, real force.

The singing, calling, buzzing, and dense scent of green all disappeared.

"Answer me, Nezumi!"

A faint light reflected in my eyes. An ice cold cloth was pressed against my neck, it felt very comfortable.


"Are you awake now? Can you see me?"

"I can."

"Do you know where you are right now?"

"On the bed... did you carry me over?"

"What's one plus seven?"


"Addition, what's three plus seven?" [note: it does change from one to three, maybe a typo in the chinese tl.]

"What? Are you telling riddles?"

"Answer me seriously! What's three plus seven?"


"Yup, correct. Now, what's three times seven?"

"Shion, you know..."

"Three times seven, answer me seriously."


"Correct. Now, what did we have for dinner today?"

"Did I even have dinner? Oh, I had two pieces of dried sweet potato and some milk. I snatched some old biscuits from Inukashi and almost got bitten by her."

"Do you feel dizzy?"

"Not at all."




"Not in the slightest."

"Exactly what happened... When you fainted, how did you feel? Can you talk about it?"

Shion looked fixedly at me. There was a certain light in his eyes that reminded people of a frozen lake's surface.

"Wind... there was wind blowing."


"There was wind blowing... and it was carrying away my soul."

Wind carries away the soul, man plunders away the heart.
The earth, the elements, the sky, the light.
Let all of it remain here.

The voice seemed to be singing something like this.

I can't remember much of it anymore. Actually, I was incredibly thirsty, so thirsty that my throat hurt.

Shion handed me a white cup filled with clear water. I drank it all in one gulp. The water that Shion handed over was like a rain that showered mercy upon the dried up earth, slowly permeating through me. It was a tastiness that was hard to describe. I let out a breath and asked,

"Shion, you're not worried that there's something wrong with my brain, are you?"

"You just suddenly collapsed, of course I'm worried!"

I felt my neck, then felt what I could see of my chest from my opened shirt. There didn't seem to be anything abnormal, at least nothing abnormal that could be seen with the naked eye.

"It's not a parasitic wasp."

Shion sighed.

"Your hair or skin didn't change, it has nothing to do with them."

"What a pity. It'd be nice to have hair like yours!"

"Don't joke around like that. You fainted all of a sudden, it's not funny."

"It was just anemia."

"Anemia? You're anemic?"

"Why are you being so restless?!"


Shion sat on the bed and sighed again, saying,

"Don't have so much confidence in yourself."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't believe in yourself so much. You're just a human who can fall ill or get injured, don't forget that. I'm not a doctor and I don't have any medical knowledge, but the way you fainted just now shouldn't have been simple anemia."

"Thank you for your concern. I'll go to the hospital tomorrow and request a proper examination. If I need to be hospitalized, I'll stay in the VIP room at the top floor, so you'd better visit me."

"Nezumi, I'm not joking."

"Cut the crap!"

I rebuked. I didn't know why I was this angry. I wasn't so annoyed that I couldn't control my mood, nor did I hate the person in front of me. Nonetheless, I raised my voice.

No one has ever so genuinely cared about me before. I was never expecting anyone to be so worried, so anxious about me. Concern, worry, care, they can all easily be categorized under that feeling called love. I don't think those things are necessary, I can live on without them. I've lived like that until now, so I don't need any of it.

But Shion doesn't understand this. He carries with him too many things while living here. Maybe I've just become too impatient with such an ignorant and stupidly honest person.

"You don't feel any numbness in your fingers? There's no swelling either..."

Shion lightly pressed down on Nezumi's hand that was laying on the bed. He was calm and focused, checking for any signs of paralysis or edema. It seemed like he had completely ignored Nezumi's rebuttal.

Ignorant, foolish, and slow.

Nezumi waved off Shion's hand and hopped off the bed.

"Nezumi, that's no good, you can't just jump off the bed like that."

"I'll teach you."


"I'll teach you how to dance."

"What are you saying, you need to stay still and recover."

"Come here, hurry up!"

Nezumi pulled on Shion's arm, forcing him to stand up. His hand wrapped around Shion's waist.

"See? It's true."


"I really am taller than you."

"Yeah, right! We're about the same."

"Heh. My prince, have you danced before?"

"I haven't."

"Thought so. Then let's start with the basic steps. Hey, stick out your chest, raise your head. Don't look at the ground."

Nezumi started humming a melody.

"It's fine, I don't know how to dance. Besides, it's too dangerous to dance here. If we move around too much in such a narrow place, all the books will fall over."

"I won't dance that sloppily. Okay, turn here. Step back. One more time, turn. Hey, you're not half bad."

"I'm just being pulled around by you."

"That's already pretty impressive. Your movements are really graceful. Step forward, turn. Very good, you're keeping up with the rhythm. Now repeat the steps from the beginning. Dance, come on, dance, Shion."

Shion wanted to say something, but he dismissed the thought, following Nezumi's steps and danced. He listened to the gentle melody that Nezumi was humming and kept dancing. The flames from the burner reflected two people's shadows. The little mice gathered together, looking at them attentively from the top of a stack of books.


Shion's feet twisted. He dropped to the bed, gasping for breath, his forehead covered in sweat.

"I'm exhausted. So you actually have to move your whole body to dance."

"You didn't know?"

"I didn't know. I feel like I just got smarter again. So?"


"I'm gasping for breath here, but you're not tired at all. You want to say something about it?"

"I'll pass."

"No matter whether it's strength, agility, or stamina, you've far surpassed me in all of them, so I shouldn't worry too much. Is that what you want to say?"

"I wouldn't say it that bluntly."

Shion stood up. He stood in front of Nezumi and extended his hand. The movement took only a fraction of a second.


Nezumi's neck was grabbed. Though 'grabbed' wasn't the right way to describe it, it was only a light touch with the fingertips. Even so, he shuddered all over. Like an animal caught in a trap, shivers ran through his body.

"I thought... that thing would come out from here."

Shion softly said. As if his voice had been caught in his throat, the sound that came out was a low, hoarse murmur.

"When you collapsed, that's what I was thinking. I thought you would... die. Nezumi, it's not for your sake."

"What do you mean?"

"It's not for your sake that I'm worried about your health, it's for my own sake. I care for you just so I can avoid fear."

Shion brought his hand back down. It was only then that Nezumi realized, he didn't even dare to breathe until Shion's hand left him.

"Nezumi, there's so much that I don't know, but I'm at least clear on one thing... to me, losing you is an incredibly frightening thought. I think, more than anyone else... more than anyone else, I'm afraid to lose you. I'm so afraid that it's unbearable. I just want to make sure that you'll never disappear from my sight. Maybe you'll laugh at me, maybe you'll mock me, but these are my sincere thoughts."

It was an honest, simple love confession.

I can't live on without you.

How straightforward, how bare, how nonsensical of a confession! Shion was currently openly admitting his foolish, cowardly, and weak errors. Even so, Nezumi was unable to laugh at him, nor was he able to look down on him. He wasn't moved by his bluntness, nor was he touched by the sweet confession.

In the end... who is this guy...?

"Good night."

Shion nodded his head and walked past Nezumi.

"I'll sleep on the floor tonight. In short, you need to get some rest. You sweated a lot, you probably used up a lot more strength than you realize."

"... All right."

Nezumi answered with difficulty. After he saw Shion's back disappear behind the books, he couldn't help but grab his neck and take a deep breath.

I couldn't dodge it.

I couldn't dodge Shion's hand. The neck is one of humanity's weak points. Just a small injury or impact could cost you your life. I was actually unable to avoid a hand that reached for my neck. Shion didn't have any killing intent, but that wasn't why I was careless, I didn't accept his hand of my own accord either.

I just couldn't dodge it, and got caught so easily.

I can't predict Shion's moves, can't dodge them, and can't reject them, so I was caught by him so easily. If Shion was an enemy, if he had killing intent, if he had a knife in his hand, I would definitely have been killed. Before I would have any time to yell or cry out, I would be lying on the floor, dead.

Killed with a single stroke.

The moment my neck was caught by Shion's hand, I wasn't indulging in any hidden emotions at all. I only felt fear, only terror. I've faced danger so many times before, I've thought many times that my life would terminate right then. Yet, becoming so frightened and alarmed of the opponent that my body won't move - that's never happened before.

Those eyes, those movements, that oppression.

What the hell is this!

Nezumi clenched his teeth.

Small footsteps resounded as the mice scurried across the floor.

"Cravate, Tsukiyo, both of you quiet down a bit. All right, come over here."

Shion called out to the mice. After the sound of a blanket turning over, the mice stopped squeaking. There was no sound at all from the other side of the bookshelf, and no sense of anybody moving either. Everything was wrapped in silence.

I can't live on without you.

It was a naive, yet sincere confession, and it restricted all of Nezumi's movements with ease. It was only for a split second, but all emotion vanished from Shion's eyes.

Those weren't the eyes of a person confessing love, those were the eyes of a person seizing someone's weak point, capturing them. I'm guessing he didn't notice it himself.

Is the one who knows nothing actually me?

A boy who possesses both an excellent mind and a gentle heart, who grew up in a warm home, who knows nothing of hatred, of resistance, or of battle. He's tolerant of others, but he can't harm them. Perhaps he can protect others, but he can't fight them. He can't pile up destruction, cruelty, or cold-bloodedness, he can only become the sun. Wasn't he supposed to be this kind of person? If not...

A person of unknown origin.

Saving him, being saved, living together, letting the days go by. The two were closer than anyone else. Even though he was weary of that kind of relationship, cautious of it, he couldn't sever it - some corner of his heart still needed him, perhaps even relied on him.

More than anyone else, I'm afraid to lose you.

Shion's words matched his own thoughts. Even though he was annoyed by it, if it was true, he could only admit it. But, having said that - today was the first time, the first time since he knew him, that he felt he had lost this boy named Shion.

Nezumi tightly clenched his teeth once more. Rusty gears were revolving, resounding in the depths of his heart.

I don't think I've lost you at all, rather, I never possessed you in the first place.

I've only seen the parts that have been shed light on, that I understand. I've seen the flowers that spread across the tree roots covering the ground, I've seen the parts of the peaceful darkness that have been illuminated by the sunshine.[note: oh god I have no clue what he's saying here, this is probably a terrible translation] I've always thought that my vision was clear, I've always had confidence in it.

I never thought that in actuality, my vision wasn't clear at all, that I understand nothing.

That naturally bright smile, movements that lack guard, and honest expressions all left me dazzled, to the point that I saw nothing.

I wasn't lost, I was just never able to see in the first place.

Goosebumps covered Nezumi's body.

Shion, what kind of person are you after all?

Within his heart, Nezumi asked this to the boy wrapped in a blanket, sleeping with the mice.

In the end, who are you?

Now Shion and Nezumi are at Inukashi's place. Shion is helping Inukashi bury a dog. Nezumi starts trolling Inukashi as usual, and before long flees inside her house, threatening to steal her food. A serious conversation follows between the two of them - Nezumi says that the man-hunt will be starting soon. Inukashi is wondering if Nezumi is afraid of something, since he's acting a bit off. He suddenly collapses, hearing that singing voice again, but before long he's back to normal.

Shion and Nezumi are now in the marketplace. They bump into some people including Nezumi's manager at work, but suddenly -

A sound arrived. It was a sound that Shion would never forget in his lifetime. A sound that would linger forever in the depths of his ears, engraved in his memory. A sound that would appear in his dreams over and over again.

It was the sound of destruction, the sound of massacre, the sound of death, the sound of despair. Lament, shouting, footsteps, all twisted together and turned into confusion, chaos, distortion, the sound of purgatory on Earth. Hell took shape right before Shion's eyes.

People desperately ran. Houses collapsed, a shack was ripped apart.

"It's the man-hunt!"

Someone cried out.

The man-hunt!

The man-hunt!

The man-hunt!

Even the whistling of the wind became still.

Chaos everywhere, houses and shops are being blown up using advanced technology. Some armored cars arrive and block the escape path. What looks like a troop with weapons come out of the cars - even though No.6 isn't supposed to have a military. A woman with a baby begs for her child to be spared. Shion, being the saint that he is, asks for the baby from the woman, gives it to one of Inukashi's dogs, and tells the dog to deliver the baby safely to Inukashi's place. The crowd then attempts to rebel against the troops, but the troops simply open fire on them. Shion and Nezumi get down safely behind a wall, but many more people are killed.

The scene in Shion's eyes lost color. He was unable to ever give color to the scene that was firmly engraved into his eyes that day. Even though it was a cloudy day, people's clothes and hair should have possessed a multitude of colors, even the rubble wasn't supposed to be a single shade. Even though Shion clearly remembered that dog's brown fur, the scenery of the man's corpse lying before him, the old woman gone mad, and the trembling crowd were painted only in black and white. The sole exception was a deep shade of gray. But it wasn't the thick clouds, it was those eyes. Bright and rich, those dark gray eyes glimmered with vitality. Shion was drawn to them, captivated by them. It was a color that he would never forget in his lifetime.

"I'll say it again. Show resistance and you die. Return to your former positions and do not move."

Nobody moved. Nobody was able to. Only the wind passed by.


Nezumi grabbed Shion's hand.

"Stay calm."

Shion stared into Nezumi's eyes, gripping the hand that held his own. He wasn't hoping for help, nor was he searching for support. He just wanted to confirm it. That his heart was there. I am human. My heart has been snatched away by him, I want to stay by his side. No matter how other people perceive me, this is proof that I am human.

In this inhumane, far too inhumane reality, never give up longing for someone else, never stop having a heart. Only through this, one can prove that one is human. Shion tightly clenched Nezumi's hand.

Nezumi, I am human.

Nezumi let out a breath.

"Do you think you can stay calm?"

"I'll be fine."

"I thought as much... you should have no problems. I've spoken out of turn."

"We'll be transporting you off now."

The armored car changed direction, and a large black truck noiselessly appeared before them.

(end chapter)

Chapter 5: The Light Leading to the Unknown

Karan is serving food to Lili and Yoming. She notices that another brown mouse has arrived, carrying a message from Shion - "Mom, thank you, I'll always love you." She realizes that this is most likely a "goodbye, we'll never meet again" message. She knows that Shion has decided to infiltrate the correctional facility and panics, thinking that she never should have told him about Safu in the first place.

Back at West Block, Shion and Nezumi and several others are inside the large truck. Everyone is in despair. Nezumi starts to sing in beautiful voice that calms everyone present, and Shion is amazed as expected. Everyone begs him to continue singing, so he continues until the truck stops. After a while, they arrive at the correctional facility. The crowd is unloaded off the truck and forced to walk toward the correctional facility. Some of them are picked out of the crowd along the way for unknown reasons. Shion and Nezumi's group are forced into the building and into an elevator. They're going underground, most likely to the new facility.

Falling, continuously falling, as if we're falling into the eighteenth layer of Hell.

Nezumi's hand wrapped around Shion's waist.

"Hold on to me, never let go."

"Nezumi, what are you..."

"Let's go to Hell together."

The hand holding his waist was full of strength.

"But we need to come out alive. Shion, never forget that."

"That doesn't need to be said."

The elevator stopped. The darkness swayed.

"We've arrived in Hell."

Nezumi's voice resounded in a world of pitch-black darkness.

(end volume)

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Ahah, it didn't help that I was translating at 3 in the morning... and I have yet to proofread the damn thing (though it's probably too late by now). But yeah, Nezumi monologues tend to be quite extravagant.

(I actually finished reading all 8 volumes of the Chinese translation earlier today, then a not-really-detailed summary of volume 9. Still not totally clear on some plot points, but with that and skimming wikipedia, I'd say I know everything up till the end now. o/)

Haha there is a reason why Good_Haro calls Nezumi a pretentious faggot when she translate the Japanese ver. XD;;;
I read some exerpts and omg the language is so out of place you feel like smacking him lol. It was easy words but his twisting it so much it doesn't make sense.

Nice, will we be expecting all the book summaries? XD

Nezumi is ~literature expert~. Clearly all the acting has gotten to his head.

Yup, I plan to post summaries following the anime's pace. There's most likely not going to be nothing past volume 4 in next ep, though I plan to at least post something this week. And still not sure how much of the novel's plot they plan to change... but at the rate they're going it's highly likely volumes 5-9 will be squeezed into 4 episodes or so. Yeaahh.

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