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Ahah, it didn't help that I was translating at 3 in the morning... and I have yet to proofread the damn thing (though it's probably too late by now). But yeah, Nezumi monologues tend to be quite extravagant.

(I actually finished reading all 8 volumes of the Chinese translation earlier today, then a not-really-detailed summary of volume 9. Still not totally clear on some plot points, but with that and skimming wikipedia, I'd say I know everything up till the end now. o/)

Haha there is a reason why Good_Haro calls Nezumi a pretentious faggot when she translate the Japanese ver. XD;;;
I read some exerpts and omg the language is so out of place you feel like smacking him lol. It was easy words but his twisting it so much it doesn't make sense.

Nice, will we be expecting all the book summaries? XD

Nezumi is ~literature expert~. Clearly all the acting has gotten to his head.

Yup, I plan to post summaries following the anime's pace. There's most likely not going to be nothing past volume 4 in next ep, though I plan to at least post something this week. And still not sure how much of the novel's plot they plan to change... but at the rate they're going it's highly likely volumes 5-9 will be squeezed into 4 episodes or so. Yeaahh.

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