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Remember that line Nezumi said in episode 10, the one that provoked so much discussion and/or fangirling for its ambiguous meaning? The "I may have fallen" line?

As it turns out, what sounded like 「俺は堕ちているのかも」 was actually 「俺は怖じているのかも」. The Pash mook had a small bit on it on page 60.

× "I may have fallen."
✓ "I might be afraid."

ochiteiru vs ojiteiru... small difference, but if you relisten you can hear it. And now the line actually makes sense.

So all that discussion? All that "OMG what does it mean"? Sorry. It's all wrong. Ahahah. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH god I'm sorry this is hilarious oh man.

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Errrrr I think I remember hearing/reading or somehow thought of it as the "I might be afraid" one XD;
Maybe my novel lines was more powerful then the anime ones LOL

For those dissapointed fangurls /does the troll face

I might have heard it as "ojiru" if I had watched it raw, but seeing the subs automatically made me think "ochiru" and I never questioned it ahah.

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It was some nice discussion and brought up lots of good points... but based off an incorrect line, so lol. At least things are cleared up.

lol, thank god that's been cleared up. Was it Crunchy/Horrible Subs that made the mistake?

Yeah, everything was based off the crunchy subs. If we had a real fan translating the show I think the mistake could have been avoided...

Ahhhh hahaha, I heard "ochiru" too and I thought he meant "I may have fallen for you". LOLOLOLOL And I was thinking "wow Nezumi is so out there with his love for Shion recently!". (I still haven't finished the novel yet so I can't compare...) But it doesn't really matter if you ask me, in the end Nezumi's action spoke louder than any words he said about his feelings towards Shion. :3

ah well, the conversations made for fun and interesting reading anyway~

Oh lol I heard 'ochiru' so I had a laughing fit while reading this post.

Thanks for clearing it up though. All the troll faces to the disappointed fangirls.

Now everything is clear and makes sense. I was wondering why Nezumi said something like this, but "I might be afraid." makes sense because it's like in the novel. Thank you :)

Might be afraid of what? :0

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