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:D thank you. A lot.

No.6 takes the old/sick people that can't contribute to society anymore and kills them so that they don't waste any more resources than necessary.

OH MY GOD GRANDMA THEY DID GET RID OF YOU *brb crying in a corner*

Between that and the manhunt and the bee experiments No. 6 has now progressed from "ugh, that place is so unsettling" to "lemme throw the first molotov at the moondrop plzkthnx!"

Also, I thought the previous ~creepy vibes~ we get from Shion was most probably due to Nezumi being Nezumi but. Hmmm. Might have to re-evaluate that. (If only I could read Japanese! *shakes fist*)

LOL Inukashi that's what Karan probably thought too.

In other news:

...EEEE NEZUMI KEEPS HIM HUMAN THAT'S... well in light of some new info let me put my reaction on hold for a bit BUT STILL THEY ARE SO CUTE WHEN BANTERING IN THE MIDDLE OF A HORRID SITUATION


...hahaha i love nezumi's ~special brand of encouragement~ bit brutal, but heartfelt.

YANDERE MODE ON (how many times does this make now) that was an awesome (but freaky) scene man i DO love this volume eeee

---BRB too much happiness, brain must commence emergency shut-down to prevent overheating.

Oh my god this volume is just GOLD

This comment is gonna take long I'm sorry ;_;

"I've noticed... I've noticed that you hate me."

-Oh dear lord. This part takes the cake.


-I was actually waiting for this to come out. The whole part that happened during ep 5 (throat holding thing hysteria).
And the "fear" Nezumi felt once in awhile was also related and boils down to this answer.
This vol. really explains alot.

"These humans, they really do love laughing. New discovery."

-This sounds like a 3rd person POV. I heard the novel's ridiculous in that sense that 3rd person POV just pops in out of nowhere. Or is this said by Nezumi/Sion?

"Friendship, love, kindred spirits, sympathy, pity, intimacy - call it whatever you want, but none of them were exactly right.

Neither cared for profit, desire, scheming, or sacrifice. They just wanted to live for each other."

-This is the part where I screamed "I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" ;______________; /flips all those ridiculous OTPS

"Nezumi's name is definitely supposedly to be translated as Mouse.)" <=== for this I remember Good_Haro mentioned how she went with "Mouse" for some reason instead of "Rat" too.

"Punishment" omg Sion the words you use... seriously.... /facepalms

"I want you to always remain Shion." <======== /touches precious Nezumi asdfghjhkk;l;
Omg the desperation /cries niagara falls.

This whole volume is definitely the breaking point for Sion's true sanity and also Nezumi's doubtful fears on Sion.
Everything was hinted in the previous volumes and volume 5 seriously hit us like a typhoon. /oh the puns

Thank you for this translation! You did a very good job! (hugs you)

This is all I could think:

Rorschack's Journal, January 28th, no.6 correctional facilitiy:
"These humans, they really do love laughing. New discovery."

Re: This is all I could think:

So its a quote?
Or what? @_@

Re: This is all I could think:

Ah, sorry. It's from a comic book called "The Watchmen." A character named Rorschach narrates by journal his observations, and that line sounds like something he would write.

It's one of the best comics ever written, I think, though it's dark. Since I spend all my time with comic book geeks, i forget that not everyone's read it. Ha ha...sorry.

Re: This is all I could think:

Ohh ok.
No no the infos great. :D
Nice way of putting it really.

I know the comic but never picked it up. Looking through wiki it really does look like what Rorschach will write wwwww

DC fan?

Re: This is all I could think:

Definitely more DC than marvel, mostly Batman. I like Frank Miller's Dark Night. I don't really follow things that are current, just bounce around between graphic novels that are recommended to me. I'm more of a manga fan than my partner, so I'm usually busy reading that.

Uwaah, thanks for such a long comment! It's nice to read people's thoughts on specific lines.

"These humans, they really do love laughing. New discovery."
Yeah, that's said by Nezumi. The original Japanese is 「人間って、けっこう笑えるもんなんだな。新しい発見だ」, Chinese translation is 「人类这种生物,还真爱笑。新发现。」
The narration does switch from 3rd to 1st person a lot, but I haven't found it as jarring as Good Haro says it is. At least in the Chinese translation, the narration sticks to 3rd person whenever it's narrating events and only switches to 1st for thoughts. No clue if it's the same for Japanese though.

This entire volume is definitely a highlight for their relationship, in many ways. It only gets better(worse?) from here~ o/

I'm definitely getting this volume first. (But when is another thing)

There are parts Chinese and Japanese being different so maybe Chinese ver toned it down? lol

Haha I'm thinking for worse :'D

Thank you so much for posting another novel translation. I'm not going to lie, I've been eagerly awaiting this one since early last week :p. Thank you for not waiting until ep 7.

This volume was amazing and contained quite a bit of new information. Shion might be a little scary but damn if he isn't bad@ss....

I also just wanted to let you know that I friended you since you provide great info for the series ^_^.

Thanks for these! I was skimming this volume over the weekend (I've only actually read through Volume Two, I just have no patience and keep skipping ahead). It does look to be a very good volume. I was amused by Inukashi and Baby Shion, with her whole, "Stop crying, idiot! I have money to count!" approach to child care. (And then Rikiga asks if she likes Shion, and she does the whole, "No... well, I don't dislike him..." thing.) But yeah, it looks like Volumes 4 and 5 are where the story really starts to get good.

Ahah, Inukashi was really endearing that chapter. Was wondering if I should have included more on her characterization, but I didn't want the summary to get too long. She's so tsundere to herself, especially in volume 6 lol.



Wow, thank you so much for such a detailed summary!
The novel sure is only getting better and better with every volume!

Btw, have you already finished reading the whole thing? I just wanna know if it was a happy or sad ending^^ i'm stupid for spoiling myself but I'm still on volume 4 T^T


Yup, I've read the Chinese translations up to volume 8, then some summaries and snippets of volume 9. Happy or sad ending... Well, let's just say I cried. Even though I only read a snippet. ;; I'm so weeaakk I don't want to say anything more about the ending though, it's best enjoyed if you read everything in order~

Oh god, these two are definitely killing me ;A; <3333

And I was starting to think that there's more bubbling beneath Shion's surface...

*can't form coherent response, is too flashed by the whole summary*

Thank you so much!!! *________*

Wow, this did go from uneasy to unsettled to absolute hell pretty instantly, huh? Ouch.

Shion is so strange, the crazy switch being turned on whenever Nezumi's life or pride is threatened. It would scare me, too.

I appreciate that their relationship is still so complicated and frightening. Not being able to read the novels myself, I was discussing with a friend if Shion and Nezumi were going to be at peace in their relationship after the post-kiss fight, what with all the emotional gestures during the manhunt and the descent. But they didn't flatten out, and are still motivated by more than "I love you and want to protect you." I'm inspired that they still have such a long way to go, and that what they're going to is still so uncertain.

Thanks again. I look forward to your summaries even more than I do the anime episodes. It's too bad such a truncated series won't do justice to some of the elaborate sentiments and complicated ideas in the novels. I hope much of this makes it in.

^ This exactly. I agree, I'm interested to see how the anime is going to try and deal with the emotions in the novel... It's really going to be tough to cram any decent amount in since it's apparently only 11 episodes, and we're already at 7 as of this week...

Is that bad that me, a yaoi fangirl, is more excited for the piles of bodies and all the destruction and pain? I do want to watch that in the anime. Of course I enjoy the fanservice with Shion and Nezumi, but wow, I don't know what's wrong with me...

Thank you for the summary, I sure loved it!

Thank you for this wonderful summary.

I always love reading your summaries, they're too awesome and detailed. xD

But wow, that facility is horrible. D: I just can't imagine piles and piles of dead human bodies. Oh gosh, that's truly hell.

And about Sion's sudden personality change...oh man, I'm guessing its because he's somehow connected to the bees?

Thank you very much for the summary/translations! :) I really think that the anime will have a tough time with all the emotions in this novel, so I'm glad I can read you and Good_Haro's stuff and know more.

Their relationship is so complicated... I'm glad. I'm really tired of reading basic "OH I LOVE YOU THAT'S ALL" stuff. Nezumi and Shion are much more thought-out than that. I really love this series.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much! o(^O^)o
This is just beautiful~!

Thank you so so much! This clarifies like so many things that we've seen so far in a very limited capacity that is the anime. This volume really explains a lot, so thank you and again, thank you!

now I have to go and edit all my reviews of No. 6 since I wrote them based on fansubs which called Nezumi Rat instead of Mouse bleh.

amazing! thanks for the summary
they're lovely ^^
I wish it will be seen in anime!!
I wonder how are they going to make the 9volumes in 11 episode?T_T

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

This is so beautiful.

I think I have just read every single one of your No6 posts this evening...

I am so in my happy place. Thank you XD <3

Thank you SOOO much!
I really - really man! - love your summaries!
And I'm hopelessly fall in love of No.6 (every day more and more, if it's possible <3)!
I only fear that the anime doesn't do justice to this wonderful story ç_____ç

Dammmn, I'm SO happy I stumbled on your livejournal somehow! I've been reading Good Haro's translations since a few days ago, after I discovered this series, but I really enjoy how the plot is unfolding and how the relationship between the 2 is dealth with. Reminds me of my present life, tee hee...

Luckily for me, a French editor picked up the novel but unfortunately they've stopped printing them it seems... I'm desperate haha

If that's alright with you, I'm going to go ahead and friend you so that I can follow whenever you post N°6 related stuff :D

Thank you so much for doing these summaries! ovo

> (Yes, I included this just for the fandom. Please use this passage in future arguments.)

Thank you for the summaries, and especially for that passage! That's the best solution thus far to my problem with most of the discussion I've seen on No.6 - i.e. that it seems to be reduced to exhilaration - or horror - that they're 'so in love with each other'. Their relationship really can't be reduced to just one or two words, can it?

Edited at 2011-08-19 05:30 am (UTC)

Thank youu for the summary! This really helps me.. and makes me going wild more than before.

"Before I slit your throat, I'd give you a kiss. I'd let you see for yourself how superior my goodbye kiss is compared to yours, and send you to heaven."

^THIIS!! I really want to see it in the Anime!! Not just Sion that had a red face after hearing this, me too had one after reading that. =///= Nezumi, that made my day <3

And Sion always gives punishment to anyone that try to kill nezumi, eh? sweet... ;__;

And I agree with what Inukashi thought. That's right, their relationship is can't be called love, friendship, family, or what-and-whatever. It's more than those. More complicated and maybe the best that we can say is 'they just want to live for each othe'. Oh man... ;__;

I'm going crazy whenever I remember the ending of NO.6. I'm sad, wanna cry ;__;

And If you'd like to tell me, is the setting of this volume when safu being kidnapped and NezumiSion try to help her? Please tell me coz I really want to see the scene when Nezumi said those beautiful prase to Sion! Dx

"Rikiga mentions the Twilight House - on the outside, it's a retirement home with the best medical technologies, but in reality it's an execution ground. No.6 takes the old/sick people that can't contribute to society anymore and kills them so that they don't waste any more resources than necessary."
Ahem, anyway, geeze, Yandere Shion is scary. Nezumi, how did you get such a crazy roommate? XD

Thank you so much for translating this! I'm following the anime and patiently waiting for it to end and then read the novel properly. But I'm still paying my thanks now ^^

thanks for the summary!
the story is become more interesting and soo exciting!

Thank you so much for your hard work! I just recently got into No.6 and initially thought that no one would share translations/summaries for the novel. I can't wait until the anime shows Shion's killing attempt and Nezumi's reaction 8D

Wooah! it's totally unexpected, Thanks thanks soo much for this Summary I continue to reading it.

This is Diamond

The whole volume, the intensity, so good.

So THAT's what happens in the Twilight House.

Oh, and that unconscious obsession streak that Shion has... what's there not to love. The relationship between these two is getting madder and more dangerous, so much more enjoyable than the softer one they went for the anime. Not like I complain, but, yeah, this is so very my type of story.

Thank you so much.

Thank you foe lovely translation >

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