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FAQ post or something
I suppose I'll make this a FAQ post? Ask me anything! Though I don't think there's much that's worth asking me.

EDIT: for any of you still hanging around here, note that 9th Ave has been providing fine translations at a regular pace, so hop over there for your textual No.6 needs.


Where can I find the end cards?
Ep 1 / Ep 2 / Ep 3 / Ep 4 / Ep 5 / Ep 6 / Ep 7 / Ep 8 / Ep 9 / Ep 10 / Ep 11

What's up with Nezumi's mice? Are they real or robots?
He has both real and robot mice. The named ones - Tsukiyo, Cravate, and Hamlet - are the live ones. The robot ones just pop up from time to time in moments of need, like the projector mouse. They never get named and Shion doesn't seem to notice them much, so I'm guessing Nezumi just keeps them in storage somewhere.

Who is Shion's dad/is this important at all?
It's never revealed and it's not important. Shion said that his father left his mother soon after he was born, so he has no memories of him at all. Apparently he was a borderline alcoholic and a womanizer, so yeah. They bring up the possibilities of Rikiga or Rou being his father, but they're quickly disproved.

Is it Shion or Sion?
Both are correct. Japan uses "si" in the rare cases where they romanize things, while the Hepburn system uses "shi". We English speakers need the "sh" to know how to pronounce it and the Japanese don't. It doesn't make sense for them to use "shi" when all the other spellings are sa/su/se/etc. Neither are wrong, it's just a question of which romanization system you prefer.

Is it Mouse or Rat?
Mouse. Volume 5 made this clear.

Are they bees or wasps?
They're bees. Volume 9 made this clear.

Is there a reason for Safu and Nezumi fainting at the same time or is it just anime bullshit?

It's anime bullshit. They've got some anime-original explaining to do, because Safu's whole fainting thing doesn't really make sense with the novel's plot.

What is Nezumi's real name?

It's never revealed. He will always be Nezumi.

You don't have to spoiler it, but do we ever figure out what is up with Shion? At this point, he's the series' biggest mystery. He's obviously not a normal person, far from it. But do we EVER get an explanation for it?

I have my own theory, of course, but at this point I really want to know, do these hints and teases ever actually go anywhere?

Explanation for it? As in, all his yandere switch moments? I always figured it was just a complicated aspect of his personality. It's been noted ever since the beginning of the novels that he's not exactly the most mentally stable person out there, but I never felt that it's supposed to lead to some big reveal, if that's what you mean. It's just how he is, especially whenever Nezumi's involved.

Although I can't say that it isn't leading up to something... please wait for volume 7. o/

are cravate, tsukiyo, and hamlet the only named/live mice? he's got more than one robot mouse, right, do any of them ever get named?

Yes, those three are the only named/live mice. He does have a lot more than one robot mouse. They pop up from time to time in moments of need and they all seem different, or at least have different functions (the projector mouse, guide mouse, tracking mouse, rope-tying mouse, etc). They never get named, but it seems that Shion doesn't notice their existence much (he always seems kind of surprised when one shows up), so I'm guessing Nezumi just keeps them in storage somewhere.

Thank you for the back up!
I had no idea about the DW ban thing. Kind of akward! >.<
I've added you to follow your posts, and I hope it's okay. I'm planning on reading your summaries after the anime is finished. Haha, you can say I'm taking my time savoring this beautiful story!

It's nice that you're watching the anime first, it certainly makes for a different experience. And it's a kind of patience that I could never have, ahah.

hi thanks for the summary ^^
will the marks on shion's body ever disappear , i have he feeling that he'll be cured but they'll remain ,, if it's a big spoiler don't answer

thanks again

The marks are just scars, I don't see any reason why they'd disappear later on. In fact I don't think it would be a well received development if they did. Not sure what you mean by "cured", they're not affecting him any. So no, the scars stay till the end.

First off, I iust wanna say, thanks for the summaries and novel info!
Do we ever find out who Shion's dad was?

You're very welcome!
Nope, we don't. It was only mentioned once with Rikiga and again with Rou, but it ends up never being relevant.

Does Nezumi ever realize why he's so afraid of Shion, or does he at least make sense of his feelings anytime?

That's difficult to answer... I would say it leans more on the "no" side than "yes", but it's something you could have paragraphs of discussions about. Which I plan to do in a review sometime. o/

Does anything happen to Shion's mom? Possibly she gets captured or involved in anything dangerous?

Thank you for the summaries, it's really nice that you write them.

There is a thing that bothers me really much.
I've read some bad translations from Chinese novel that I can't understand well, it was probably in 8th volume when they were in the correctional facility. I'm wondering, does Shion ever said that he love Safu? or if she always stay a friend to him no matter what happened to her?


Aah, that chapter... I'm planning to translate it in full, it's such a great chapter. Shion never says he loves her. He says she's his most important friend, but the narration is wonderful in that it emphasizes how important she is to him beyond just being any normal friend and-- Ahem. I'll stop rambling now. Yes, I really liked that chapter.

This will either ruin the story for me or ... well, not.
But please put me out of my suspense and answer this question for me:
Does Nezumi (or Shion) die?
[and since this ist really really spoilery, please write a message .. please?]

Please work, spoiler-fu...

Spooooooilery questions:

[Based on snippits floating around, it sounds like Shion leaves Nezumi behind or Nezumi leaves Shion behind, in some capacity. What is the nature of this? Is Nezumi hurt and asking Shion to go on without him, or does Nezumi have something to attend to before he reunites with Shion?]


[When Shion later waits for Nezumi's return, has he moved back to no.6 and/or reunited with his mother?]

Is this something you can answer?

God I hope the white-out worked. T_T Thanks a million. Your translations bring me so much joy.

You can send a PM if you feel like that's a better way to answer? But here if fine if you don't mind.

Re: Please work, spoiler-fu...

Requesting here since I'm also curious

Out of curiosity, just how different looking is the anime version of Nezumi compared to his novel self?

Well, we don't really have a "proper" design of novel Nezumi since all we have are vague novel cover illustrations. The only descriptions inside the novels are his gorgeous brilliant captivating etc gray eyes and his pretty face. But the designs are pretty different, mainly the hair. Novel!Nezumi has normal short hair while anime!Nezumi's got that ponytail. And it seems like Nezumi's always wearing gloves in the novels while I haven't seen anything like that in the anime.
You can browse the novel covers on Amazon or find old fanart on pixiv (though those might come with spoilers). Best I can say is that novel Nezumi is a lot more "standard" looking.

(reposted cause posted from the wrong account, I need to stop doing that.)

hello, i remember i have read a profile of nezumi, inukachi and others in some of the entries around 5 days ago...i searched for it again and i seem to not to find it, have it been delete it or it is just my mistake?

Maybe you read it somewhere else? I never put up any translated character profiles here.

i'm reaaaaaaally curious and i want to know directly from a reliable source - you :D

will shion be with his mom and nezumi in the end? what happens to rikiga and inukashi? does no.6 still have its walls? there are different ending spoilers everywhere and i don't know which is true....pls do enlighten me :D

This is a question that needs to be answered by PM, but it seems that you don't have PM enabled. If you want to know, change your settings.

I would also like to know. Please!
Thank you in advance <3

Assuming you're asking the same questions as above, PMed.

Can you please clear this up for me?

Ever since episode nine in the anime, people have become confused regarding Inukashi's gender. Is his/her gender more clear in the novels? What exactly is his/her gender?

Re: Can you please clear this up for me?

The anime left out that bit of Shion's monologue here where touching Inukashi reminded him of Safu. So yeah, the novels were more clear on that.
But that was only one hint, another part in volume 9 pretty much confirms that she's female.

Could you summarize what the fuck they're talking about by chance?

Um, what's this supposed to be?

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Is it true that there's going to be a twelfth episode, or are people just trolling?

No clue where you heard that from, but I can assure you it's fake. No official source has even hinted at something like that.

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i-i don't think this is the right place to ask for this but. i'd really really like a hi-res copy of this (and really any piece of no. 6 tio8 art i can get my hands on) do you have a copy, or know where i might find it?

...thank you very much and sorry for the trouble.


Aah, that poster. If I preordered right then I should be receiving that along with my BD1 package, but my proxy still hasn't notified me that BD1 has arrived in their office yet, which is strange. I'm planning on asking them about it tomorrow if it still hasn't arrived by then. But yeah, I haven't seen any other higher res scans floating around. If nobody's scanned it by the time I receive my copy, I'll give it a shot.

Did Asano-sensei never stated why she took 'No.6' as a title? I was wandering if the 6 has some special meaning or it was a random choice.

Not to my knowledge, no. But I haven't read much in the way of interviews. I've been wondering about that myself...

Hi, i've another question (it's for a fanfiction i'm trying to write).
Elyurias' name was invented by Rou, right? This name has some particolar meaning in japanese?

(whoops, missed this notif, sorry)

Yes, Elyurias was named by Rou. I doubt it has any meaning, it sounds as nonsense in Japanese as it does in English.


ah just wanted to let you know that Nezumi means rat not mouse

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