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Yeah, no.
Episode 11 - 伝えてくれ、ありのままを

Not much of a review here, just some incoherent thoughts. Might be offensive as well.

Edit: So many replies...! Thanks for the words, everyone, they're all really satisfying. I do hope this post isn't taking away from discussion in the comm though lol. Well, we can say the comm is for actual discussion while here is for rants.


...Wow, that was an utter pile of shit. I'm not even really feeling anything right now. I suppose I'm disappointed, but it's more just disbelief. I'm just thinking "What the fuck, Bones?" and nothing else.

Never mind what happened in the novels. Ignore whatever changes they made from in the novels. Just looking at it as anime original, that was probably one of the most terribly executed endings I've ever seen. They meet Safu. And then they bomb Safu. And then Nezumi gets shot. And then Shion gets shot and dies. And then magical yellow glowing things are... doing something, I don't even know what. And then everybody sings. And then Shion is revived. And then Nezumi leaves Shion. And it ends.
So many scenes were just executed like shit. Yoming's... everything, was just laughable. The bee outbreak was just random. Everybody was walking to somewhere for some reason at the end. Shion gets the baby. Dammit, why didn't they let Inukashi keep the baby? And if you thought Nezumi's departure in the novels was abrupt, this was just...

It's funny how just a few days ago I commented that human revival goes against a lot of the themes of No.6. There's plenty of themes of rebirth and revival scattered elsewhere - the revival of the planet, of the city after its destruction, and of Shion's soul after he met Nezumi. But when it comes to comes to reviving someone after their physical body is dead - no. If you're dead, you're dead, and that's just how it is. What was Shion's rebirth here suppose to signify? What was his death in the first place supposed to signify? Absolutely nothing other than that Bones is a bunch of incompetent asses.

I said I'd consider the last episode a success if I cried. I was about 1000 miles away from even getting a lump in my throat. Even Shion's "death" scene just had me going "er, what, seriously?" I can't really say I laughed either... I did have a smile on my face at the end, but it was just a "hah, are you serious?" one. At least Nezumi's singing was okay for once, but I can't really remember much of it now. I'm just trying to expel this episode from my memory asap. Can we pretend the anime ended at episode 10?

On the bright side, I've completely thrown away all thoughts of buying any future BDs. That'll save me some money. Will type up a review of the anime as a whole after this bitter feeling has settled down a bit. Novel review will have to wait until after I get my love of No.6 that Bones has stolen a good chunk of back. Man, I really should've finished typing that up before the last episode.

Closing words: The last episode was complete shit, fuck you Bones.

Thanks for the warning. I haven't read the books (only some of the summaries) so I can't get as pissed off as you do about this. D: I'd tell BONES directly through their site or twitter or something.

Well, I don't think telling them would do much, but I have been stalking some staff twitters. They sounded so enthusiastic about the last episode, I feel so betrayed man.

my thoughts exactly. I don't know what I just watched, and I want to forget about it forever. I would write a long wall of text and portrait my feelings now, but I can't.
anyway, thank you for the good novel summaries, they are keeping my heart warm after the last anime episode. you're an amazing person.

This episode doesn't exist. Let's forget it ever existed.
You're welcome, and thanks for the comment!

F- words ahoy~ Pg-16 alert!

It's funny how just a few days ago I commented that human revival goes against a lot of the themes of No.6
I was thinking the same thing when that happened srsly I was expecting know... ALL DIES and that will be the best Troll BONES can throw at fans and I was gladly accepting that and then..... wtf.... WTF.... idk.... nvm.... *laughs maniacally watching*
Maybe Sion wasn't dead he was just well in suspended animation. >_> And all Safu did was healed him. (Why am I trying to fix this nope I'm gonna cut this)

I was able 1000 miles away from even getting a lump in my throat
True to my words I laughed and wtfuck the entire time :D

Even Shion's "death" scene just had me going "er, what, seriously?"
I had the exact moment of your disbelieve when I watched that part. Yes there was a grin yup.

Can we pretend the anime ended at episode 10?
Yes it did.

That whole last kiss part. I see no reason why they even bothered putting it there after all the rage and wtfuckness I went through.

Welp it has been fun. (goes read the last vol summary~)

Re: F- words ahoy~ Pg-16 alert!

Hah, I would have preferred an "everybody dies" ending than this. It would even make more sense.

I'm laughing now, at how sad this entire thing was. It was just too pathetic. What happened to you, Bones.

...I mean, episode 11 doesn't exist. What episode 11? This was a nice 10 episode anime.

Everybody was walking to somewhere for some reason at the end.
I think they were all walking towards the fallen wall - kind of this idealistic "the wall is gone, let's start over" concept.

And if you thought Nezumi's departure in the novels was abrupt, this was just..
I seriously... I just don't know how to feel about this, but let me tell you it's not happy. Even if it wasn't going to be a happy ending, there wasn't even any closure!
It all happened so quickly & he just leaves?! I read the novel summaries/translations... but this, this was just as you described it - so abrupt!!
Uncomfortably abrupt!! (°д°;)

I was able 1000 miles away from even getting a lump in my throat.
I was tempted to cry out of a combination of extreme confusion during what is suppose to be highly emotional & sheer frustration.

I'm just confused. Just confused as to what just happened. (・_・;)

Edited at 2011-09-15 07:10 pm (UTC)

It's more just like... they were walking like they were zombies. Everyone was just quietly walking in a uniform fashion. I think people would have a bit more of a reaction than that at the wall collapsing.

Just don't think about it. Your confusion is only going to hurt you. Pretend this episode never existed.


When Shion died, I was like "DAMN! Okay, so he's dead! Nezumi's curling up next to him to die with him. It's a departure, but I think I can live with that." So it sucks, for sure, why did they have to die? But, if that's where they're taking this then...

...THEN FAIRY MAGIC PHEONIX DOWN SHION is brought back to life. And I'm like...what?

He just...what? My mind just....gave up.

But then I kept watching, and I was like, okay, let's just watch the ending, where Nezumi tells Shion he has to stay because it's his job to use the data disk to di-


Oh, so Nezumi's walking away without an actual reason for Shion to stay?




*computer smash*

Yeah, I tried. I really, really tried. But ... fuck it.

Thanks for all your work bringing us the translations. At least we know how much better it could have been.

I would have been satisfied if they made Shion and Nezumi die at the end. Sad and disappointed, but 29475x more satisfied than whatever the hell they pulled.

Nothing was right about that ending. Nothing. The hell, Bones.

You're welcome! I'm just trying to bring back my love for the novels now after watching that episode.

Wow, No. 6 was a good anime! Shame it only got ten episodes.

What? 11? Sorry, I can't quite hear you?

Re: Wow, No. 6 was a good anime! Shame it only got ten episodes.

Oh silly me, I must have written up this post while delusional! I need to lay off those drugs.
No.6 was a nice 10 episode anime. Short, but it was nice.

(Deleted comment)
I'm looking very forward to your review then.

I too am just... amazed, astounded, and/or in disbelief by how bad the ending was. I thought they said they made "some" or a few changes to the ending, but really, they completely fucked everything up and went off somewhere... I just don't even know. I need to go read what anime only watchers are saying, but I think I know what I'll find already--utter and complete confusion mixed with hilarity.

So bad. So so bad. I think I'm most confused as to why they shot Shion and Safurias revived him just for the sake of him living or something. Everything was so vague and... bad, just bad.

I'm afraid for the anime-only bloggers, I suspect they're about 10 times more confused than we are. If I had watched this without reading the novels, I'd be so terribly confused. It was like... Fractale. And that's the worst insult you can throw at an anime nowadays.

Yup I have to agree with you the last episode was 'wtf just happened?'. For me it's even more confusing because I didn't read the novels. Everything was so rushed.. the bees appeared all of the sudden, Safu is too complicated for me to even think, Nezumi leaves like that, Shion gets a baby...And I was so anticipating for the kiss and it just went like 'Bam, here's the kiss fangirls, now get home'. And the death-rebirth was just unnecessary.
Also I find it amusing how Shion gets gunshot once and he dies, but Nezumi has like 3-4 bullets in him and he's still alive. >.> But I must confess that I did shed a tear when Nezumi sang. Damn, that voice really made me sad. I'm sure if it had more episodes they could have managed to do something more okay.
I laughed at the part where you wrote 'where is everybody going?' XD That reminded me of a zombie movie.

Like 80% of the stuff that happened was unnecessary... I have to wonder if the staff even tried. And well, Shion was shot in the heart while Nezumi just got lucky like that.
Good idea, the ending should have been all the bee victims turning into zombies and eating everyone alive. I would have preferred that.

I totally agree with you in everything...when the yellow lights healed nezumi's wounds i said to myself ' what? shion is gonna revive now?' and WHAT THE HELL HE REALLY DID.
this episode has the worst ending I've ever seen in my life, i cant even find a word to describe it.
but to be honest nezumi's singing was good and brought tears to my eyes....that's the only good thing.
Iam really sad and so disappointed.. your summaries is the only thing that made me feel better...thank you so much you are a great person.

I'm currently debating if I think Fractale's ending was worse or No.6's. I never thought I'd find something more shit than Fractale, especially in No.6. Why Bones, whyyyy.

You're very welcome, let's all just turn our attention back to the novels now. ;;

Yeah, it has only 10 episode...

All your works just safe me from whatever this stupid shit last episode bring.

WTF BONES! you got somethings that could be a decent work, but ruined it.
I should take FMA original ending as a lesson and never rely on them again.

For the people walking to somewhere Maybe it just Berlin's wall concept.
(which make no sense at all, why put it in here?)
Never mind, I don't get what's going on there,too.

Sorry for my poor grammar. Just too fail to put anythings up in words.

Re: Yeah, it has only 10 episode...

This is my most memorable experience of a BONES end. I'll never be able to trust them again after this, blah.

Your post completely reflects my feelings. EXACTLY. Episode 11 doesn’t exist. It never was and never will exist.
NO.6 had 10 episodes and was dropped.
End of story. kthxbai.

ps: i need all the vols of the novel to be translated asap ;_; my japanese are so low level D:

No.6 was quite the nice 10 episode series! Ten. Episode. Series!

9th ave is translating the novels at a pretty fast pace. Obviously still going to take a while, but I think her speed is quite the blessing. o/


So like...what.

Okay, at first I thought the episode was going along pretty decently. Sure it was different from the novels, but I didn't hate it. Then Shion got shot and I was still okay. Nezumi was laying down next to him, also dying, and I was thinking that this would just go a much more tragic route then the novel. (Im kinda a fan of tragedy anyways. It sticks with me longer.)Heck, I was even getting a little emotional about Nezumi singing over Shion's dead body.

...Aaaannnddddd then Shion got magically revived, Nezumi is like *poof* and Shion becomes a single dad. The end.

...Just...I don't even. At least there's still the manga I guess. Maybe it'll stick to the novels.

At one point I thought Nezumi was already dead lying next to Shion, before Safurias came and LOL MAGIC. I would have applauded Bones if they actually killed both of them off, it'd be a wonderfully daring move and I like my tragedy as well. But instead... gods.

Manga was closer to the anime in the first few chapters but it's been leaning toward the novels lately. I'm pretty sure it'll be faithful.

Re: Wat (Anonymous) Expand
The last episode was complete shit, fuck you Bones.

Indeed. The only part where I smiled and sob a little was at the end(however the sob was mainly because the ending song) but then, theen...I was like Y U BONES RUIN THIS CHAPTER?!

Urgh. I really prefer that both died, instead of this. I'm mad. Erasing this memories from my head. This chapter never existed.

And thanks you, a lot, for your summaries. I read them hours before this chapter, gladly.

Yes, never existed. This was just an unfortunate accident. Let's put it behind us.

You're very welcome!

Thanks for advising it, I felt very disappointed with this episode too, I'm glad to confirm that all I supposed about the anime and the novels is not my paranoy. We only need to wait for some traduction (or getting original novels) to see the real story.

Ahah, everyone seems to be so disappointed. Let's just put this episode behind us...

Where is the epilogue? "And then Shion is revived. And then Nezumi leaves Shion. And it ends." This, this , this.
What the fuck, Bones? What the fuck?

But end card was beautiful and made me cry.

End card is the only thing I liked about this episode. toi8 is the only reason I'm going to keep buying No.6 merch. ;;

Fuck you Bones.

You know what I also fear? That this crap end ruin NO.6 popularity. Hope not, cos the novel is awesome, but as a figure collector, I was waiting for some figures and dunno if they'll do it... ok, there's a lot of merchandising popping out, but still waiting more.

Anyway I cried after the end, reading the novel translations and took me a while to realize it's about frustration... no more episodes and they made it end like this.

Well, No.6 isn't the type of series to get merch like figures anyway. Noitamina shows rarely are. But yeah, I can see this last episode hurting BD/DVD sales. Most people on the fence like I was are definitely on the "not buying" side now.


I'm sorry to be all anonymous and shit, but I can't remember my livejournal account for the life of me...

Anywho... I just wanted to pop in and say that I couldn't agree more. I don't really know what I just saw, quite frankly. Your closing words = the best part of this episode. I'll probably feel slight appeasement in a few days or so, but right now, I just can't...

After following your beautiful summaries, translations, and reviews, I really had such high hopes for this last episode. And it had such amazing potential. Bones is just an epic fail, as far as I am concerned. They drug out scenes that didn't need such a significant amount of time, and rushed just about everything else, and then mashed it all together. I was hoping they would salvage something with a decent ending, but no. Nezumi and Shion don't even say "boo" to one another, and then Nezumi's, as you said, "abrupt departure" was like "blink and you'll miss it." God... I can't...

I'm sorry. I feel like I'm rambling now. I'll stop there. But I want to sincerely thank you for all the hard work you put into this. Because of you, NO.6 will always have a special place in my heart if I just think about the novels... :) <333


Dear Bones,
Go die in magical glowing swirling yellow vortexes of doom.

Yeah, no matter how I try to reason out the events of the last episode, it just doesn't work. What were they thinking? It's just... nothing made sense.

No worries about rambling, ramble to your heart's contents! And you're very welcome, thanks for the kind words. <3

Hah. Yes Bones, you reap what you sow. Take a little trip in your magical tornadoes.

What did you do Bones?!
Sion getting shot was fail, fail, fail!! That ruined everything! And then bees magical power revived him?! Oh man! And then the living dead towards a new future? Nezumi just leaves without explanation? Shion keeps the baby?! And then he looks where Nezumi disappeared like saying "when we're reunited again we'll be a real family, just you, me and our son?!

What about the city? The wall collapsed and from now on all will be happiness? A lot of people died for nothing? Eluryas just vanished because her mission was give a lesson to humanity or what? What was her propose then?!

I'm like WTF right now. Like all people said above, this episode NEVER existed.
Fuck you Bones!!

P.S. I'd never written in your posts but I've been following your reviews and summaries. You're great, with your summaries I opened my eyes to realized this end was shit, thank you so much :D

ffff the baby. The way you say it makes it sound like Nezumi escaped after knocking Shion up, I don't even. And then when Nezumi comes back they'll have a son to take care of... uuugh I want my mommy-Inukashi.

You're very welcome! Glad you, uh, enjoyed discovering this shitty end!

Why does every FUCKING good anime I watch based off manga/novels turn out shitty in the end? WHY? D: It's the same with Claymore, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club-*stops and takes deep breath*

However, I do appreciate you giving novel summaries since I'm sure those will cleanse my feelings of disgust at the moment. So thank you :)

Endings of adaptations are usually bad, but No.6 just went above and beyond... It hurts to see a series I like so much end up like this. -459475 to Bones.

You're very welcome~


I dont know your name but I am truly grateful to you for your incredible efforts in translating the novels as Volume summaries for us non-Japenese-speaking people. You have done an absolutely magnificent job. I did not watch anime episodes before I read your summary regarding that very volume and chapter. Arigatou gosaimasu Sensei.

Secondly, I never thought I would be THIS disappointed in the anime ending. It was an insult to the novels, to the fans, even to the anime itself which had somewhat succeeded as an adaptation from the novels until ep.10. I dont know why Bones did what they did, I cant even imagine the reason why nor that I can imagine them being pleased with what they have done... They cant be.

Episode 11 was downright awful. It was a disaster. A train-wreck. From the moment it started to the moment it ended I watched it with my mouth open in astonishment at how thoroughly they had fucked a story which had a great potential of becoming a milestone for its genre... And I am not talking about its genre as just "Shounen Ai"... They ruined an incredible plot. They even ruined what they had been trying to do all along by respecting the personalities of the characters... It was a TRUE DISASTER.

So along with your amazing summaries, I also thank you for writing a review for episode 11 with all the rage and frustration in your heart. Reading it gave me satisfaction and reading minna-san's comments here also made me feel a little bit better knowing that people DO know this isnt how it was supposed to be.

Thank you for all your hard work. I'll do as you suggested and pretend episode 11 never happened and I'll finish the story in my head according to the summaries you have given us.

God bless you... Arigatou *bows*

You're very welcome, and thanks for all your words. Reading other people's comments on the episode helps vent my frustrations as well. The entire episode was just an unfortunate accident. Yup, it doesn't exist.
I'd like to point out that this series isn't under the "shounen-ai" genre though, it's just a dystopian fiction that focuses heavily on its characters and their relationships. Awesome characters that the anime unfortunately cheapened with this last episode.

sorry if i rant a bit...

i was watching it and when it got to them laying there i was sure they were dead. then nezumi cried and saw safu and i was like "the fuck?" but it still held promise.

i kept going and up until the baby scene i was pretty sure this was nezumi hallucinating as he dies next to shion.

which would have been pretty amazing to me. i was like waiting for the cut scene after they panned out to show shion by himself, expecting to see the wall down in real life but no one actually standing there... cut to both of them dead in the trash area.

if they had both died i could have forgiven how totally craptacular this ending was. cause i would have rationalized that the whole thing was leading up to them giving their life for the city. it would have been a pretty big step for nezumi since he hated no. 6 yet in the end gave his life for it in order to stay with sion.

but no.

Re: sorry if i rant a bit...

Yeah, I never thought I'd say this before today but killing both Shion and Nezumi off would have made for such a beautiful ending. Bones even had the perfect chance to make that ending happen, and yet... ugh. It's like they purposely chose the worst route to go.


Wow, that was painful. I was one of the people who started with the anime first, and didn't read anything from the light novels or manga so I could avoid spoilers. I only just now checked out your summaries to see what the hell happened with the last episode, and understand what wasn't explained... and it turns out that doing so can't actually explain what I just watched because it actively contradicts the novels. Oh, and barely anything gets answered anyway because BONES hates its viewers and makes Shion smash the data chip with all the things we want to know beneath his foot just to make damn sure we're all aware that we have wasted four hours of our lives to watch this crap.

Bonus stupidity: If you pay close attention, you can count the number of things that Shion and Nezumi did to affect the plot of the anime with one finger. Not just one hand, one finger. Nezumi planted the bomb to destroy Mother. That was it. Shion and Nezumi didn't save the West District, they didn't save Safu, they didn't bring down the government, they didn't save anyone from the bees, they didn't destroy the wall. Elyurias did everything for them. And I'm sure that Elyurias could have easily destroyed Mother if she wanted, seeing as she explicitly said she was destroying the wickedness of No. 6 with her bees, instead of being a force of nature relying on humans to have the will to destroy.

Anyway, thanks for the summaries. They're interesting enough that I might give the full novels a shot... after I wash the bad taste of this anime out of my mouth with something better.

Hah, I thought the same about the chip - I suppose it symbolized something "important", but all I saw was Bones giving us the middle finger. "You want plot resolution? Well here's your plot resolution."

Everything Elyurias was a mess. Everything was just a mess. Right now I can't think of an anime with a worse ending besides Fractale and... well, that speaks for itself.

You're very welcome. The novels are definitely worth a read, especially if you purge your mind of all that was this anime.

Re: arglebargle (Anonymous) Expand
I'm not sure that I found anything dumber than Shion taking the baby at the end. What on Earth was the point of including the baby in the anime at all? (This is the only episode I've watched all of, so... not painting the prettiest picture for the anime. I'll probably still go back and watch it, though.)

True, the entire point of the baby was for developing Inukashi's character. If they were going to snatch all that away from her, why include it at all in the first place? And the scene itself was just so... awkward.
Huh, you haven't watched any other full episode? Even the worst episodes before this were still at least 50x better. It's incredibly unfortunate that this was the first you were exposed to.

I haven't seen ep 11 yet (I'm downloading). But after reading people' comments, I'm really afraid. This last ep sure is bad. The popularity of No.6 sure will decrease, sale of DVD/BD probably will decrease too. God, I don't pity Bones but I still feel sorry for them. I highly appreciate and respect Bones for depicting the relationship between Shion and Nezumi pretty true to the novel, to the point that haven't seen in any anime that is not Shounen-ai or Yaoi. And Bones for many moments has done that job very well. I have wished that this anime would be popular so that there would be more anime like No.6 in future whose producers are brave enough to demonstrate "less than lover more than friend" relationships between characters of same sex.(this phrase is not the right one to talk about Nezumi Shion - but I guess you understand what I mean)

But with this devastating ending, Bones fails, completely. I just feel so sad.

And Asano sensei, what did she think after watch this episode... *sad face*

Hah, on the bright side your expectations might be so low that it'll be a better watch for you... maybe. I don't think even the lowest of expectations would have prepared me for the disappointment here.
Bones did a perfectly okay job up until episode 10, and then they just crashed and burned in some unimaginable way. What a pity.

Not sure about Asano... I feel like she had some say in the production of the anime, but how much did she contribute to this episode? So much of it directly contradicted the ideas she presented in the novels, it's just sad.


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