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Slowly transforming into a pure rambling blog
First BD/DVD is out and 2ch has been summarizing the contents of the drama CD, commentary, etc. I have yet to listen to the CD but someone posted a pretty detailed summary of it, so I've translated it below:

Title: Chance Meeting (邂逅)
Writer: Minakami Seishi
-For some reason the OP and ED are included.
-The entire CD is about 15 minutes long, including the OP and ED.
-Takes place one day before Shion and Nezumi's first meeting up until right when they met.

Opens with 16 year old Nezumi monologue: "Even now, I sometimes remember what happened on that day. No, I should say that there hasn't been a day where I've forgotten."
And then the OP starts playing for some reason.
One day before the meeting - Nezumi has been arrested by the Public Security Bureau and is being taken to the correctional facility for one reason or another. Seems that they're ignoring what actually happened in the novels with the old lady and all.
Public Security Bureau official: "He's just a dirty kid, but he might be an important clue related to her."
Nezumi's thoughts: "Her? Clue? What are they talking about?"
Public Security Bureau official: "Heh... his appearance is shabby but he's actually got a cute face. Looks just like a girl! What a waste to use him as a sample. Why don't I have a bit of fun with you first... guh!(Nezumi spits at him)" (Oi oi oi...)

Switch to Shion monologue: "Even now, I sometimes remember what happened on that day. No, I should say that there hasn't been a day where I've forgotten." / Same as Nezumi's.
Conversation with Safu about holding a birthday party for Shion tomorrow.

The next day: Nezumi has been implanted with the VC. While being escorted to city hall, he asks the Public Security Bureau official that he "wants to hear the Moon Drop's voice." He uses that gap of time to threaten the official and makes him unlock his handcuffs and escapes. He runs away into the sewers where he's shot at, and his monologue here is about the same as the opening of the novels ("I want something to stop the bleeding, at least just some clean water to wash the blood away, etc"). And then the same shout from the first episode.
Shion: "I'm sure I heard that shout while I was in class."

After his birthday party, Shion looks toward the Moon Drop.
Nezumi: "It was then - I had finally escaped my pursuers and arrived in Chronos. But while being struck by the storm and bleeding nonstop, I had finally resigned myself to die, when--" and then the Moon Drop's cry.
Shion: "It was the Moon Drop's cry. But there was another voice that I heard from within me."
"Break it. What? Destroy it. ...Destroy what? Everything. Everything...?"
"Even now, I don't know why I heard such a voice. Only, that voice from within me seemed to guide me, and I--" and then Shion opens the window.
Nezumi: "That house's window is open..."
Shion's shout, and the Moon Drop's cry.
Nezumi: "It was a blessing."

The meeting from episode 1.
Nezumi: "Don't move."
Shion and Nezumi: "That was our meeting."
And then the ED.


How should I say... somewhat underwhelming, as expected. Only 15 minutes, including the OP/ED? I'm used to drama CDs being at least 30 minutes long without any songs for padding. I probably shouldn't say anything until I've listened to it myself, but - the writing feels... well, pretty much like how the anime was. Kinda lifeless. I guess all the problems with the anime were mainly Minakami's fault. Can't really feel much in the way of love or creativity in that script. I wonder if Minakami really enjoyed working on the anime at all? Makes me kind of worried for the rest of the CDs. Well, we did get our Shion monologues finally. His "destroy everything" thing was thrown in there for the novel readers I guess.
Next CD is about Shion reading a book to the mice, and it's probably going to be exactly just that. Oh, I can just barely contain my excitement. /monotone

There was also some stuff posted about the commentary by Kaji and Hosoya. Seems like it was just your average commentary, nothing too interesting to point out. Some points that did stick out to me:
-The scene in the beginning with Shion imagining himself in the air fading to leaves wasn't part of the original script, but was added into the storyboard by Nagasaki.
-The city of No.6 is based on Amsterdam.
-Kaji and Hosoya: "Look at all dem trophies, damn!"

I've been lazy on my novel review orz. My enthusiastic spirit has almost all dissipated since it's been a while since I've finished reading the novels ahah. I can't remember everything that I originally wanted to write... Well, it'll be up eventually. I've pretty much gotten over the anime ending too, thanks to people making fun of it on pixiv. I've sort of recreated the last episode in my mind and it now has some combination of penguin hats, witches, grief seeds, time loops, and Magical Songstress Idol Eve-chan☆.
Edit: Just noticed the Amazon reviews for the last BD lolololol. I'm surprised it's not ranked like 10,000th place.

FINALLY got the Complete Guide in the mail yesterday. That's the longest SAL has ever taken for me. It's a very nice book, very thorough and well made IMO. There's lots more illustrations than I was expecting as well. It's sort of a combined novel guide plus anime promotion book. I can see why people think it's overpriced, but I think it deserves more than the 3 star rating people gave it on Amazon. Might put up a summary of the contents when I have time, and maybe translate the character profiles? They have some amusing points in them. There's actually lots of random things in here that made me laugh, though I can't tell if it's intentional or unintentional pffft.

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Thank you so much for this! I must admit that I'm interested now, yes....

How thorough are the character profiles, if you don't mind me asking? I may have to look into buying the guide book if they're worth it.

They're nothing special, 2 pages for each main character with an introduction+stats. And then there's those hexagon stat-meter things(don't know what to call them) with an explanation for each of the traits (strength, intellect, etc). I think the guidebook is nice to own, but the character profiles certainly aren't the defining feature.

Thank you so much for this!♥ (You know I love you)
Can't wait to read the character profiles (if you'll translate it). Thank you again!

I'll try and make some time for it~

Haha did you see this?!

Nezumi : I forgot my wallet... WTH IS THIS?!


Pffft I think I've seen at least part of that before on pixiv, yeah.

Oh, if only Shion revived by SEIZON SENRYAKU-ing, that would have been glorious.

If that happened I WILL shit bricks


That just blew my mind. Pffft, I would have actually preferred a trollerific ending like that, I think.

pffft that drama CD. So finally, we're getting Shion's monologues? 8D I guess better than nothing... And still better than I expected. (given my expectations were somewhere below zero) Overall, yup, underwhelming is the right word. They just covered stuff we've already seen again plus a lil' bit more. And seriously, 15 mins minus op/ed? I think they want to do a bunch of short ones (if all the tokuten CDs will be drama CDs, that is) rather than 2-3 longer ones, but still... And they could very well not split it into 2 min tracks. If for some reason they feel the need to include op/ed, just make it a single "episode" track. Plus, it's not that uncommon I guess, but I went lol when they said credits in the middle of the ed. XD

Well, at least I'm not set to translate it. I'd still consider it in case no one else does since it really is short... But nope, I'll try to finish other stuff for now.

8D The next one. They seriously don't have any ideas, right. I don't care anymore, just count me in for dem cute mi- oh wait it's just sound. Nope, then.

Ooooh I'd be thankful for those character profiles. :3 If you have time, that is. :>


Kind of a weird place to leave it, but I just want to say how much I really appreciated your summaries and translations. You and 9th Avenue were the only reasons I stuck with this show all season. Will probably still pop in to stalk you now and then~ =D Just thanks a whole bunch, with all the sincerity that I can convey over the web.

thank you for the translation.

Ah thank you! Uhm, will you also do the other drama cds?




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