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Lollll Ishino XD

Epilogue yes but remakes maybe another 5 years down the road or something lol but blatantly impossible as the episode count is just 13 and the novels ain't very long in plotline wise.

Dystopia Radios was hilarious but I couldn't bring myself trying to concentrate to listen to all of them. ><
Do-S troll <==== LOL YES

Meh, I don't want to wait years for a remake. A series of OVAs sounds best to me, but this is all just dreaming anyway.

Pffft I want to hit Kaji sometimes for the stuff he says, but it's so entertaining.

Didn't know he was a strong supporter of their relationship, that's pretty hilarious. Ishino is the man and if he does a doujinshi I will lose my shit. You don't know how badly I want this series re-made, I would gladly empty my wallet if it meant that or more. Keep up the info, hiriajuu.

I'm surprised he would even go to an event, I would never muster up the courage if I were him ahah. He said if he does draw something, it'd likely be an artbook rather than a comic, but chances are he won't have time to draw anything... but we'll see~

... I'm imagining how much money he would make off of a doujinshi. And I say, if he doesn't do it, he must already make enough income to spare. XD I'm happy he supports the fans and also loves the boys as much as we do, even if he says he didn't foray into the R18 realm.

As for the series getting a remake, I wouldn't mind seeing the series released as OVAs. While a new series altogether would be preferable, without a good script, it's not going to make a difference. They need to pick someone that's especially good at the LN adaptations, or at least someone that has got experience. Really, I don't think there's any way to convey the feelings of the novels without some inner monologue.

Thank you for this update! XD Shame I couldn't find a pickup service for this event, but Spark is coming up.

From what I've seen chief animation directors get paid a lot, even more than the directors themselves sometimes. I'll gladly give my money to this guy ahah. Though he says he most likely won't have time to draw anything in the end... still hoping though.

OVAs would be great, best format for an adaptation IMO. But right now it's all just wishful thinking.

Welcome! Hope you find a good pickup for Spark~

*le dies*
Okay I can't stop laughing. Ishino-san, oh you~
I need an OVAs please. With epilogue and maybe with more scenes from their life together in West Block.
Can I have link to his twitter? :)
Thank you so much for posting this.
"Well, the R18 books..." This made my day xD.

OVAs really would be the best format for adapting the books... best not to get too much into wishful thinking now though. ;;
Twitter is here~

Sorry, I clicked the link to his twitter but it says the page doesn't exist.. >.

I have an OVA is released.. at least to clear the mess up T__T. Remake OVA ahhhh <3

Thank you so much hiriajuu for always providing info and translations!

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