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D: This is all very confusing. o.O

Did he tweet about the No. 6 Mook cover looking nice? o.o Or about Animation File 08? Sorry, I'm kind of dumb. xD;;

BTW, have you ever purchased Mook's before? I already pre-ordered the No. 6 Mook but I'm kind of wandering about the quality of the paper, so I'd love to hear your opinion on a mook's general quality.

And I'd love to see Ishino's illustration. I definitely hope it makes its way into the Internet.

Yeah, he said that the cover of the other mook (otona animedia's) looks nice. At least I'm pretty sure it was otona animedia's, he didn't explicitly say but mentioned the Pash one separately later. It's okay, I wasn't too clear on that. |D

I've only purchased one mook in the Animation File line before. The quality is pretty nice - size is the same as an anime magazine, good paper quality, full color. Usually comes with at least one poster (my Angel Beats one came with stickers, but I heard there's usually more in the way of posters). As for other mooks, I have everything in the "Utattemita no Hon wo Tsukuttemita" line, which are smaller than the Pash ones/same size as Otona Animedia (so OA's mook should be the same size). Also really nice and colorful, though with more "paper-y" paper quality than "magazine-y" if you get what I'm saying. In terms of contents you should expect about a 50/50 ratio of images/text, though it might feel like 30/70 if Japanese kills your brain. Overall - the quality of mooks is generally pretty good IMO and I think they're totally worth buying if you love the series in question enough. Only if you love the series in question enough though. o/

Ah, ok. Thanks for clearing that up. xD

Looks like Ishino's going to up the paper for Spark to Pixiv rather than put it out at the event. =O!/teamimozuka/status/127247350094761984

Ooh, I see. It's a shame that some complications arose but I'm happy that he's uploading for everyone to see~ Thanks for the notif!

Awesome, thanks for linking me~ o/ Think this should get a post in the comm?

Probably yes, right? XD

Well, he's going to delete it after Spark (so tomorrow), so either we link it now, or just upload the images and link his actual Pixiv account?

Either you can do it if you want to, or I can do it. I'm good with either. =)

...I'm feeling extra lazy today, you do it. /zzz

Hahaha, okay, will do. XD

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