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FAQ post or something
I suppose I'll make this a FAQ post? Ask me anything! Though I don't think there's much that's worth asking me.

EDIT: for any of you still hanging around here, note that 9th Ave has been providing fine translations at a regular pace, so hop over there for your textual No.6 needs.


Where can I find the end cards?
Ep 1 / Ep 2 / Ep 3 / Ep 4 / Ep 5 / Ep 6 / Ep 7 / Ep 8 / Ep 9 / Ep 10 / Ep 11

What's up with Nezumi's mice? Are they real or robots?
He has both real and robot mice. The named ones - Tsukiyo, Cravate, and Hamlet - are the live ones. The robot ones just pop up from time to time in moments of need, like the projector mouse. They never get named and Shion doesn't seem to notice them much, so I'm guessing Nezumi just keeps them in storage somewhere.

Who is Shion's dad/is this important at all?
It's never revealed and it's not important. Shion said that his father left his mother soon after he was born, so he has no memories of him at all. Apparently he was a borderline alcoholic and a womanizer, so yeah. They bring up the possibilities of Rikiga or Rou being his father, but they're quickly disproved.

Is it Shion or Sion?
Both are correct. Japan uses "si" in the rare cases where they romanize things, while the Hepburn system uses "shi". We English speakers need the "sh" to know how to pronounce it and the Japanese don't. It doesn't make sense for them to use "shi" when all the other spellings are sa/su/se/etc. Neither are wrong, it's just a question of which romanization system you prefer.

Is it Mouse or Rat?
Mouse. Volume 5 made this clear.

Are they bees or wasps?
They're bees. Volume 9 made this clear.

(no subject)
Remember that line Nezumi said in episode 10, the one that provoked so much discussion and/or fangirling for its ambiguous meaning? The "I may have fallen" line?

As it turns out, what sounded like 「俺は堕ちているのかも」 was actually 「俺は怖じているのかも」. The Pash mook had a small bit on it on page 60.

× "I may have fallen."
✓ "I might be afraid."

ochiteiru vs ojiteiru... small difference, but if you relisten you can hear it. And now the line actually makes sense.

So all that discussion? All that "OMG what does it mean"? Sorry. It's all wrong. Ahahah. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH god I'm sorry this is hilarious oh man.

A No.6 Love-Lost Elegy

Oh man, I've been wanting someone to make another awesome No.6 MAD and the waiting has paid off. And Aimai Elegy of all things. This is making me listen to the song another 50 times in addition to the 800 times I've listened to it already. The amazing original here if you've been missing out.
#10 on daily ranking, not bad. But it needs to be higher! Mylist!

Log Book & Novel Complete Guide
No.6»Shion end card
Otona Animedia mook came in today! And so here's another review/picture spam post. I've also included a bit of the novel guidebook since I never talked about that before. The smaller book sizes means I have to hold them down myself, so excuse my fingers in all the pictures.

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Pash! Animation File 09 GET
I wasn't expecting to get this for another few days, but it arrived at my door this morning. Made my day~ And so I took pictures. Forgive the crappy picture quality, I suck with cameras. All images are clickable for larger sizes.

Front and back cover:

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No.6»Shion and Nezumi
Eehh... don't know what's going on, but another Pash Animation File 08 has popped up? (unrelated, but I've always hated Maeda Hirotaka's artwork and the anime designs are just as bad) Amazon still lists Animation File 08 as No.6, but this one already has a cover and I'm pretty sure I can read an "08" there... and the release date is before No.6's, so this should be the real 08. Even though No.6 has definitely been advertised as 08 before. Feels like there was a sudden change in Pash's schedule or something. Eehh, hopefully this doesn't mean a cancel/delay but just that No.6's mook has been changed to 09? Even though I can't find the listing on Animate's website anymore, and I'm pretty sure I saw it before... Well, at least the other one seems to be progressing along smoothly. Ishino tweeted that the cover looks nice~ Speaking of that guy, apparently he's indeed going to draw something for Spark but it's just going be a... paper? If that's a doujinshi term then I don't know it, but sounds like it's just going to be a single-page illustration thing. Distributed free of charge. Nothing significant, might never make its way to the internet. Well, better than nothing. \o/

No.6»Shion end card
For some reason I've been on a Mr.Children music binge (is that even a thing) and I've noticed that a lot of their lyrics match No.6 a lot. Well, it's probably just my biased brain being biased and seeing No.6 in everything, but I really do love this band's lyrics. All translations here are copy/pasted form this fansite.

First we've got Tenohira, which a lot of you know from that No.6 MAD:

It’s because we dream it’s fleeting
because we search we don’t find
because we want we don’t get.
We’re at a loss
There’s no time to think
that we might’ve made a mistake somewhere
but we can’t relax without the answer

You are you, I am me, how is it we keep losing sight
of such an obvious, such a simple truth?

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In other news, my brain is being plagued by fic ideas. I've never written a fic before in my life and I'm not even that into reading them, so whyyyyy? Although I have been reading more than usual for No.6. I've never been interested in searching for "image songs" like this before either. This series does strange things to me. I feel like I really want to write but after a while of writing I start thinking how terrible and corny my ideas are and I should never publish them ever. But then I feel like writing again and the cycle repeats. No.6 why can't I quit you make it stoooop /sob

BD1 finally arrived! I ordered from Toranoana and all the tokuten are here. Haven't opened the BD yet because I should be studying for an exam right now, but whatever.

So I was all excited for my posters... until I saw that the poster tube had been smashed to hell. I was worried about customs, but I didn't think they'd destroy my package this far. Just look at this:

The hell, man. The posters avoided a direct hit, but the left side of the giant poster is still pretty crumbled. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to fix my clear poster either. Ugh, this really sucks. Is this how you treat EMS shipping, customs? Seriously?
The packing wasn't exactly the best though. I proxied from Celga and they were good for the most part, except this packing. If I ever order from them again I'll ask for sturdier packaging. The postcards are slightly bent at the top too, but nothing major.

Excuse the random utaite CDs.

You can't really see it in the image and I have terrible photo taking skills, but it is pretty bad in some spots. Some of you wanted me to scan the clear poster, but I don't think they're in scannable condition now. I'll try, but first they're going under some textbooks for a while. Blaaaah.

Edit: Ugh. Yeah. There are white creases on the clear poster. How do I get rid of this. Goddammit.

So I've still been stalking Ishino's(chief animation director) twitter, and honestly this guy is too amusing.

Ishino: "So yeah, I went to Lost Heaven (that No.6-only event) and bought 10 books lol"
fans: "EH, EEEEHHHH?!"
Ishino: "Well, I didn't have the courage to buy any R18 ones ww"
fan1: "I thought it was strange to see a guy there... so that was him... /sob"
fan2: "I-Ishino-san bought my book... oh god can't breathe."
Ishino: "Well, the R18 books..." (<-WHY DO YOU KEEP BRINGING THIS UP)
fans: "/dying"

Can't stop laughing oh god. Both Ishino himself and the fan reactions... I wish some of them showed a bit more courtesy and stopped spazzing out on him, but the spazzing was hilarious to read and he was the one who kept bringing up R18 so bluntly anyway.
And then he said he might tag along with a friend to Comic City Spark and maybe, just maaaaaaybe, draw something to sell himself. .......It's indeed not unheard of for animators to release doujinshi of their own series, but I wasn't expecting it for No.6 at all. I can tell that he's a fan pfft. If they ever make more No.6 I hope they keep this guy in the staff.

And saying "make more No.6" is an almost-but-not-quite baseless comment. Ishino mentioned in his twitter a while ago that "the continuation of No.6 depends on sales" and "that's probably not a lie." Now, I don't want to spread any fake rumors - there's no reason to "continue" the story of No.6 as a whole new series and none of us would want that anyway. At most it probably just means an epilogue in the last BD or something, which would still be great if they did that. First week BD/DVD sales were 4,924, which is actually a lot more than I expected. I wouldn't have bet on the series breaking 5k but it actually did. Now I'm just hoping it'll make the rankings next week so we can have the "official" breaking 5k numbers. Although I expect numbers to dip quite a bit next month since this first BD was both cheaper than the rest and had those event applications. But anyway - that comment was just in response to a fan tweet and more than anything it was likely just a generic industry BS response, so I'm not getting my hopes up. And besides, the only two shows Bones has done a sequel/remake for are FMA and DTB and obviously No.6 isn't anywhere near that level. On the 0.001% chance of a remake, I'd prefer they change all the main staff including the director and writer and with the exception of Ishino.

Also a few people asked me about the Dystopia Radios a while back, whether they said any interesting or important information in there. I finally got around to listening to all of them, and as for any important information regarding the production or release of No.6 - there was absolutely nothing lol. It was certainly amusing, Kaaji(how should I spell かーじー? Kaajii? KAAAji?) is a Do-S troll and Yassan is constantly hyped up on caffeine and they say some hilarious things. But anything important? Nooope. Just the seiyuu being silly. If you want to listen I recommend listening on NND since the comments ~enhance the experience~ and if you don't know Japanese, giant trains of wwwwwwwww mean "that was funny, you're suppose to laugh here" so you can laugh and pretend you understood what they said!

No.6 by Atsuko Asano; A Review
Aaah finally got around to writing this. Does anyone still even care about discussing No.6? My care has certainly faded a bit, which is why it took me so long to get this up. You wouldn't believe how many times I rewatched this MAD to regain my enthusiasm, though I can't say that's a bad thing. This is still a suuupeeerrr loooonnnggg review though. Well, there's a lot that I want to say. Spoilers for everything if you haven't been spoiled already.

-----------------------------------ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE-----------------------------------
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