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Log Book & Novel Complete Guide
No.6»Shion end card
Otona Animedia mook came in today! And so here's another review/picture spam post. I've also included a bit of the novel guidebook since I never talked about that before. The smaller book sizes means I have to hold them down myself, so excuse my fingers in all the pictures.

The log book is a lot smaller than I was expecting. I thought it would be the same size as the Otona Animedia magazines, but guess not. It's slightly bigger than an average tanko. Size comparison with Pash's mook:

Cover is so cute though! So this is how these two would be if they're posing for the camera? So much blushing and Nezumi being tsundere? Guh, my heart.

Opening section - toi8's "complete" illustration gallery was complete false advertising. The only illustrations included were the ones from Otona Animedia and Otomedia. And the size of the book doesn't do the art justice, meh.

Character intro pages were also on the short side, this was pretty much it:

Episode summaries were much more on the heavy side. 4 pages per episode:

After that is an anime illustration gallery, which shouldn't really qualify as a gallery since there were only 2 pictures - one new image and one from October's Animedia. The new image is so cute though! Anyone have the balls to scan it?

And lastly - interviews, interviews, and more interviews. Most of them pulled from the first issue of Otona Animedia, so take caution if you've already read that. Doesn't affect me much since I can't read that much Japanese yet, but yeah. There's some stuff mixed in between the interviews - more of toi8's concept art, some storyboards, and such.

Overall, I'm slightly disappointed in the sense that the main thing I was looking forward to was toi8's illustration gallery and there wasn't much of it. But the new anime illustration is nice to have and there's the bunch of interviews for everyone that wanted it but couldn't get their hands on Otona Animedia vol.1. And the cover art is cute! It's as much worth being in a No.6 fan's collection as Pash's mook, IMO.

And with this I've got all 3 of the No.6 guidebooks~ Come to think of it, I never talked about the novel complete guide. Might as well lump that into this post as well.

Another size comparison pic. The complete guide is the same size as an average tanko.

Opening pages are edited versions of all the novel covers with Ely's song on them, pretty nice:

Character introduction pages. Shion, Nezumi, Safu, Inukashi, Karan, and Rikiga get 2, Yoming and the mayor get 1.

I like the stat meter things they included. Stats for all the characters are:

Emotional strength
5/5 (curiosity)
5/5 (singing)
4/5 (fashion sense)
5/5 (cooking)
2/5 (raising children)
4/5 (information gathering)

There's lots of nice features in here. After the chara profiles is a pyramid showing where everyone ranks in No.6's world, mini-profiles for every single character that ever appeared in the books, a city map, summaries of all of the novels, etc. Also:
-A "menu" of the kind of food people eat in Chronos, Lost Town, and West Block (the morsels shown in that last one was kinda... mean lol)
-Shion's and Safu's examination scores (A++ in everything, give me your brains you two)
-"A Swindler's Philosophy", aka Nezumi's tips in how to live life by cheating
-"Safu's Love Story", which is ;_;
-Karan's bread shop menu
-The scientific workings behind the bees, which is by far the creepiest page in the entire book
-Latch Bil "newspaper article"
-Diagram of the correctional institution
-Inukashi's infiltration plans
-All the "missions" for Nezumi's mice
-A timeline of the events in No.6

After that is an interview with Atsuko Asano, which a kind someone translated and posted in the comm a while back. And then some analysis articles - what Elyurias is, the man in the white lab coat, and the world of No.6 as it relates to our world. Too much for my brain to handle. There's also a compilation of some of the books referenced/quoted in the novels as "Shion's reading log":

And lastly, a glossary of all the terms and keyboards used throughout the novels.

One thing I can say for sure is - this book is thorough. All the important and not important details from the novels are all in here. But it's also 95% text, so whether it's worth buying or not depends on your level of Japanese. It's really really really damn thorough though.

And that's all~(゚∀゚)ノ

Thank you so much again for sharing!! >w<;;;
I ordered the books too, not knowing what to expect, basically just blindly clicking away at anything that turns up under my No.6 serch lol |||||| So this definitely helps.

Also, are you planning to buy the latestOtona Animedia? It's go a No.6 section, I was going to buy it but at $25 + shipping it's kinda pricy so I want to make sure it's worth it first...

Sorry it sounds like I'm using you. OwO;;;; Your generosity is always grateful!


I already bought Otona Animedia 2, actually. The No.6 section is pretty small, basically an interview with Nagasaki + Minakami, recap of all the episodes, and a short interview with Kaji + Hosoya. Probably not worth it if you're only interested in No.6, but it's got a lot of other series featured too so yeah.

It doesn't seem like you're using me, no problem~

So awesome, thank you! :D I really wish I could read them but that won't stop me from buying at least one anyway :].

(Deleted comment)
(ahah, as was I.) Yeah, my Japanese isn't anywhere near good enough so I just keep staring at it. Go on hyper-learning mode? ;;

.....You are so lucky. You've already got your two mooks and mine still aren't here. Ok, well, whatever. I'll just go cry by myself in a corner and contemplate about life and death. /turns away sobbing

D-don't do anything dangerous! I'm sure they'll arrive soon!

...those stats


Thank you so much!

I lol'ed so hard that the appearance stat for Nezumi... 5/5? Hahahaha. But orz kinda disappointed by the lack of pictures that you mentioned :/

Well, he IS described as being able to charm any man or woman with just a glance. And yeah, this just makes me want an artbook even more now. ;;

Thanks for posting these! I was thinking of picking up the Log Book, but now I think I'll skip it (even though that cover is sort of great). Needed more toi8 for that price.

Welcome! Needed more toi8 indeed, but my default setting for these things is still "buy" anyway ahah.

When Satoshi Ishino tweeted about the book sized I was already kinda let down. I think most of us didn't expect the log book to be that size. Ishino sure didn't, lol.

But yea, the toi8 gallery was pretty much my main reason for buying it and it turned out like that. =[ Oh well, they were both still rather neat books.

Thanks for those stats too, they were interesting.

omg the examination scores... I want their brain too sob

Anywho, thanks a bunch for the awesome review on the guidebooks! Now I can decide on which ones to buy rather than blindly buying all three of them without knowing what's inside it lol

blindly buying all three of them
I like my method. 8|b

I mean, welcome!

O.o; That's so small! Jeez...

Kind of annoyed about the disappointingly small amount of toi8 art, too. *sigh!* I suppose the cover's worth it, though? Plus, I opted not to buy either Otona Animedia so... IDK. (I'm totally like you, apparently. All "kinda meh - will throw money at it anyway!" ahahaha? I pre-ordered so it's not like I have a choice any more, heh. I WILL BE EXCITED ABOUT THIS EVEN IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO... x'D)

Man, I sure hope toi8 releases their own artbook someday. NEEDS MOAR TOI8.

Argh lack of toi8 art is disappoint D:

But I'm just gonna tell myself it's worth it for that cover!! And also the interviews that I missed because I couldn't get my hands on Otona Animedia Vol1...

I have both the Pash and Log Book coming in the mail (should be delivered tomorrow)
Now I just need to get the Complete Guide and my collection will be... complete... (for now)

Oh, thanks for the rewiews. I'm dying to know the parts about the bees... i hope someone will translate it one day.

Yay! Thanks for the review!

I'm going to join in the chorus for a "toi8 artbook please!!!", but in the meantime, I'm just going to look forward to receiving those two mooks in the mail sometime in December ^^

I remember those stats being all kinds of amusing when I first looked over them...especially Inukashi's one (^_^;;)

>> -The scientific workings behind the bees, which is by far the creepiest page in the entire book

I totally agree with you here - I've skimmed over those two pages twice and just can't bring myself to read it properly. I don't know how anyone could survive having those bees dig such a long path through their brains...*shudders*

Ahah, Inukashi's made me laugh the most too. Although epilogue-Inukashi should deserve a higher score than that at least. |D

When I first flipped through the book and got to that page I almost threw it against my wall pfft. Not a nice surprise for an insectophobe like me.

I liked their stats chart (Lol Nezumi is almost perfect.)

Thanks a lot for the info and pics.I´m glad I bought the Pash mook and the log book. (I don´t buy the novel guide because my level in japanese is weak...)

Thank you for sharing pics and informations! The new toi8's art is really pretty, althouh I still like her previous art, which have been on the otona animedia's cover.
Uh Shion should have 5/5 in morals ( what he's lacking of? ) and intellect, it's a bit unfair that Nezumi has the same result.

Really? I don't think Nezumi's same intellect result as Sion's is unfair at all. From what we know, Nezumi never led a "normal" life nor did he ever go to school and yet he is able to come up with amazing plans and not to mention build his own mechanical robots. I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty damn amazing and intellectual for someone that didn't get the chance to attend school. Also, he has shown extreme love and interest for classical plays and counts with vast knowledge in arts. As far as I know, not many people find real interest in such things, the number is pretty limited.


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