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No.6 Volume 9 Summary

It's done. Thank you for staying with me as I plodded/rushed through these summaries. I highly enjoyed writing them and am sad that there aren't any more left to write. I wanted to get a novel review up at the same time, but it's incredibly late(or should I say early) right now, so that'll have to wait until later.
Anyway, this summary is pretty damn long in the non-translation parts, you'll see why. There might be mistakes everywhere because 3am logic, so please point out any that you come across. And of course, please enjoy No.6 volume 9!

Chapter 1: That Which I Say I Saw

Gracious my lord,
I should report that which I say I saw,
But know not how to do it.

Macbeth, Act 5 Scene 5

I opened the window on that stormy night.

Sometimes I wonder why I did that.

For what reason did I open the window?

Was I provoked and agitated by my madness, urged to move by my intense emotions... I wonder? I indeed opened my window and shouted out. I shouted as if to spit out the malice within me. Because if I didn't, I would be torn apart by fear. I sensed the fear that I was being confined by No.6 and tamed by it.

It was an indistinct fear, probably something that had nothing to do with you.

I was being suffocated. I was scared. I wanted to shout.

And that's why I opened the window... is it?


That's not it.

I was called by you.

I heard you calling to me.

Your voice slipped through the wind, broke through the rain, and reached me.

You called to me, and I was being called by you.

And that's why I opened the window. I left it wide open.

I longed for you, so I reached my hands out to you.

Will you laugh at me? Will you have a plain smirk on your face as you scoff at me? Will you elegantly shake your head at me?

What a nonsensical delusion. That's only a cheap product of your own self-satisfaction, like the work of a sham artist.

Will you say that while looking back at me?

Yes, you'd probably say that.

It's fine if you laugh. I don't care if you say it's a delusion.

But that's the truth.

You called me, and I heard it. I reached out my hands, and you grabbed onto them. I opened the window so that I could meet you.

That's the truth about us, Nezumi.

He heard a rumbling sound.

It wasn't the sound of the typhoon, but of plastic pipelines sliding down. If this wasn't a trash chute, but a steeply descending path to Hell...

His consciousness was suddenly pulled away. All the wounds on his body stung and burned. He could feel the strength gradually seeping out of his body.

As long as I'm with you, I wouldn't even mind if we fell into Hell. So it'd be better if I just stop resisting. Why struggle, why fight - why don't I just abandon all hopes of living.

Forfeit your consciousness and be freed of your pained and tired self.

Shion closed his eyes and let the darkness spread into his vision.

Just like this, just like this...


Nezumi weakly groaned. It passed through Shion's ears and, like the ephemeral lights of the night sky, dispersed the darkness in his mind.

Damn it.

Shion bit his lip. He strained himself over the pain and reprimanded himself in his heart.

Idiot. What am I thinking? How could I give up? Live. Live on. We still have a place we need to return to.

I already made a vow myself. I vowed to protect Nezumi and let him see that both of us can survive.

Back downstairs, Inukashi and Rikiga are feeling stifled by all the smoke, Rikiga much more so than Inukashi. Inukashi thinks she sees a giant black shadow of some sort fly past them, and also hears something laughing. Shion and Nezumi slide down the chute, where Shion immediately pleads for them to save Nezumi. They first have to run away from the facility since the entire place is about to blow. They all flee, with Rikiga carrying Nezumi on his back. Inukashi hesitates a bit as she's in awe of the facility's collapse. Shion orders her to run, which startles her. She thinks that this Shion giving such demanding orders isn't the Shion she knows. Once they get to safety, Shion tells them to get Nezumi to a hospital immediately. However, there's no such place within West Block. Shion says that they can go inside No.6 - the customs post is likely unmanned because of the chaos. He demands the car keys from Rikiga so that he can drive to No.6, he's in full black!Shion mode ("Hand over the keys, now."). After some debate, Rikiga decides that he'll drive them himself. Inukashi and all the dogs and mice also come along. They crash through the customs post, which is already burning and crumbling, and drive into No.6. To everyone's surprise, they see flames from within the city. Shion gives them directions to the nearest hospital in Lost Town. It's run by a doctor who was a frequent customer of Karan's bread shop, so he's their best hope.

Chapter 2: But Once

Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once.
Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
It seems to me most strange that men should fear
Seeing that death, a necessary end,
Will come when it will come.

Julius Caesar, Act 2 Scene 2

A giant number of people are crowding the streets, heading to Moon Drop to protest. Meanwhile, Karan is back in her home with Lili and Renka, Lili's mother. She's staring at the computer screen, which is playing a video of Yoming. It's a recorded video of his speech, which he spread on the internet to incite the citizens. In the speech, he says that everything about No.6 is a lie. He claims that the government is hiding vaccines from them and that they should all go to city hall and protest their right to live. He then displays several photos of people, saying that they're all victims of No.6, taken away and will never come back again. A picture of Shion is included in the bunch. His speech continues, half true and half lies, but quite effective in persuading all the people watching. Renka is overwhelmed by all this. She says that all she wanted was a happy life with her family, and that Karan could even marry Yoming because he's been fond of her for a while. However, there's nothing that they can do now other than hope and wait for their loved ones to return.

Scene switch to the man in the white lab coat and the mayor in Moon Drop. The mayor is hesitant about sending out more troops to supress the citizens since it didn't work the first time. White lab coat man says that he only needs to send out stronger forces. Mayor wonders how long this is going to continue, but white lab coat man says that it'll end soon because "that" is about to awaken. They suddenly receive a report that the correctional facility has blown up, which sends white lab coat man into a panic. He sees a video of the facility with something large emerging out of it - Elyurias, which leaves him dumbstruck because it wasn't what he was expecting. They keep getting more reports from personnel - buildings are collapsing, the Ministries of Peace and etc are abandoning their posts, and people have started storming into the Moon Drop.

Chapter 3: This Quintessence of Dust

What a piece of work is a man! how noble in reason!
how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how
express and admirable! in action how like an angel!
in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the
world! the paragon of animals! And yet, to me,
what is this quintessence of dust? man delights not me.

Hamlet, Act 2 Scene 2

Shion and co. arrive at the hospital. After seeing Nezumi's condition, the doctor barely questions them and immediately treats him. As they're left waiting, Inukashi comforts Shion, and this is the "oh, boobs" scene:

Inukashi lightly stroked Shion's hand. Shion's strained body and mind gradually eased up, and he closed his eyes.

He felt something soft and round. Normally he would have moved himself away in embarrassment, but right now he felt completely serene. The body that supported him, the arms that embraced him, the voice that whispered close to his ear - there was another person's warmth by his side. That was an incomparable happiness.

"Inukashi... thank you."

Aah, but.

Shion bit his lip as he closed his eyes.

What I want right now is not this warmth. Not this body, not this whisper, and not these arms.

They all fall asleep for a bit. Shion dreams of him standing in front of the burning correctional facility alongside Nezumi, watching as a giant bee emerges from the ruins. He figures that what he saw wasn't a dream but reality. He goes to the doctor's office and turns on the computer, where he inserts the chip he received from the old man. He finishes analyzing all the documents inside (readers aren't told of the contents yet). The doctor comes in and tells him that Nezumi is fine. The doctor gives his own story about how his mother and brother were victims of No.6 as well. He wants to avenge their deaths and has a bit of a crazy spell similar to Yoming's. Right then Yoming peeps into the office (he has his crow too, that damn crow) and seems to be informing the doctor about the collapse of the correctional facility. Shion ignores this and goes upstairs to see Nezumi, with Inukashi and co. following behind. He goes to Nezumi's side and confirms for himself that he's still alive, feeling incredibly relieved. They all order some food to eat from a robot named Aria in the room. Shion thanks Inukashi and Rikiga for all their help, and both of them reply that they'd better be repaid sometime in the future. Suddenly, Nezumi wakes up. He tells them to turn off the lights and stay completely silent. Before long they hear what seems to be the Ministry of Peace gunning down everyone downstairs. (GJ Nezumi, your danger sensors are still crazy sharp.)

Chapter 4: Out, Out, Brief Candle!

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more.

Macbeth, Act 5 Scene 5

Shion and co. remain silent as they listen to the sound of slaughter coming from downstairs. Shion feels like he's reliving the manhunt all over again. After they hear the soldiers leave and Nezumi('s mice) confirms that it's safe, they all go downstairs, where they're met with an extremely bloody sight. Shion rushes to the doctor, who's still barely alive. He tells Shion that the basement of the hospital was the meeting place for the revolutionaries, and that's where they broadcasted Yoming's speech from. The Ministry of Peace tracked them down, but Yoming seems to have escaped. The doctor's last words are to entrust Shion with the future of No.6. They think about where to go next:

My mom must be so worried about me. I want to see her energetic, I want to see her safe, and I want to apologize to her, apologize from the bottom of my heart. Mom, I'm sorry.

His feelings of missing his mother and love for her rapidly expanded. Shion recalled the smell of freshly baked bread. I miss you, I love you, I want to see you.

But the only place I want to return to is that underground room buried in books. I want to return to that room with only a bed, a burner, a chair, and mountains of books.

I want to go back.

Shion fervently thirsted for it.

I want to go back to those times. If I could return to that house and spend my days together with Nezumi, I would have no regrets.

But we can't go back anymore.

Those days have already turned into a past that we can never again reach.

We already can't...

Shion had this premonition, a premonition that felt incredibly real. This is my own weakness - Shion fully understood this and compelled himself not to think about it again.

Shion and Nezumi both plan on going to the Moon Drop after this. Inukashi and Rikiga want to know why, so after they get some more food and drink from Aria, Shion finally starts explaining things. (lunch break in the middle of a bloodbath, these people...) Also random Tree of Knowledge imagery, I suppose:

Shion peered at Nezumi as he held the apple.

"Nezumi... is it okay?"

Nezumi slightly nodded. He brought up his knee and buried his face in his arms. He looked as if he was crying, and also as if he was trying to endure a fiercely blowing wind.

Shion took a bite out of the apple.

The sweet and sour juices spread inside his mouth.

This next part's a giant plotdump. I'd translate it directly since Shion is practically just listing out the facts here, but no time for that so bullet points it is:

-The beginning of No.6: the land that it was going to be built on was a miraculously fertile forestland. The forest was so rich because both the forest people and Elyurias had been protecting it since long ago.
-There was a small residential street near the forest, called Rose Street. This was where Rikiga and Karan grew up. Nobody living there knew of the existence of the forest people.
-Rose Street was the starting point for the construction of No.6. The city grew very rapidly in all aspects, including control. Rikiga published a few articles about his suspicions of No.6 and was thus driven out of the city for it.
-Elyurias and the forest people: The old man discovered the forest people and Elyurias by coincidence. He reported his findings to the higher-ups, which eventually led to the Mao Massacre.
-Mao was the name of the village that the forest people lived in.
-No one knows what Elyurias really is - she might be something supernatural or an organism unknown to man or something else. But she's existed since long before humans were born and always protected the land. The forest people worshiped and coexisted with her, and also feared her.
-Nezumi is a descendant of the "singers" (wish there was a more majestic term to use. I'll call Nezumi a songstress from now on.), who could communicate with Elyurias and sing to her. His mother was also a songstress.
-Elyurias takes on the form of a bee, though no one knows what its true form is supposed to be. She would appear randomly, once every several years or even decades, only for the purpose of laying eggs. She would lay eggs in human hosts and then completely control them without the host ever realizing. This "control" was basically making the host have a heightened sense of danger, gather the most nutritional food, and staying out of trouble, so that the host would stay healthy and alive for the eggs to hatch ("hatch" probably isn't the right word to use, but for convenience's sake). Once they hatched, the host would immediately grow old and die. This is the "disease" spreading inside No.6 right now.
-One of these eggs would become the new queen, aka the new Elyurias. Elyurias is a being that dies and is reborn again and again, but no one has ever seen Elyurias' corpse.
-Whenever Elyurias appeared, the forest people would conduct a ritual. The singers would sing and talk with Elyurias to placate her, and then the forest people would present to her a sacrifice that they called the "God's Bed." This was an artificially made host, an animal's brain, for Elyurias to lay her eggs in rather than inside humans. The agreement between them was that Elyurias would lay her eggs in God's Bed, so the forest people had to protect it until they hatched. Elyurias would also protect the forest for them. The animal brains never rotted while the eggs were in there, but once they hatched, they would immediately rot - basically the same thing that happens to human hosts.
-Elyurias and No.6: No.6 wanted this power of absolute control that Elyurias possessed. After conducting the Mao Massacre, they stole God's Bed and researched it.
-At first their attempts at incubating the eggs failed, but eventually they discovered that human brains are the best hosts.
-And so they started conducting human experiments on the brain. They chose all different types of samples to test the incubation on - Shion was one of them.
-The research institution was moved to the correctional facility for these experiments so that they could collect more samples. The manhunt was also created for this purpose. They wanted to gather the brains of people put under extreme shock, thus why all the large-scale attacks.
--Elyurias is only laying the bees in No.6 because of the issue with the host mentioned before. The host needs to be able to stay out of danger, gather the best nutrition, and most of all stay alive, which is much more easily done in No.6 instead of West Block.
--Nezumi talks of his past: Nezumi was saved from the Mao Massacre by an old lady he never found out was actually his real grandmother or not.
-She raised him up for several years. She was the one who found the room of books, an old library storeroom. Nezumi immersed himself in books after they started living there.
-Nezumi's mice are also descendants of mice from that forest. It seems that many animals living there had higher intelligence and sensibilities than average.
-When Nezumi was 10, he and the old lady snuck down to the correctional facility. The old lady wanted to get revenge on the mayor, who was visiting that day. But of course she stood no chance and was gunned down immediately. Nezumi was captured and thrown with the victims of the manhunt. He managed to escape and found the cave where the old man lives.
-The old man raised him up and taught him more than the old lady ever did. And then when Nezumi was 12, the old man ordered him to return to the outside world. It seems that the he still had some contact with No.6 due to his former involvement with them, so he ordered Nezumi to be sent to the Moon Drop for research purposes. Before leaving, the old man gave him a knife and told him to find his own path in life. Nezumi managed to escape while being sent to the Moon Drop, met Shion, and the rest is history.

Ater explaining everything, they all arrive at city hall. Shion and Nezumi follow the crowd into the Moon Drop, where they see Yoming inciting the citizens once more. Shion interrupts his speech and stands in front of the crowd. He takes off his shirt and shows his scars, saying it's proof that he's a survivor of the bee disease. He tells everyone that there's no vaccine inside the Moon Drop and asks that everyone wait just a bit longer and everything will be resolved. He effectively calms the crowd, and then he and Nezumi continue up the building. They open the door to the mayor's office, where they see the man in the white lab coat dead - he also became a victim of the parasite bees. Shion asks the mayor to let them borrow the balcony. The mayor seems to have already given up and lets them do as they wish. Nezumi walks out to the balcony and immediately starts singing the song from his visions. Right after he finishes, a giant image of a bee appears before them. The crowd below is, well, incredibly confused. Shion and Nezumi start speaking to Elyurias. Nezumi asks for Elyurias to give humans a second chance. He says that he wants to see what kind of world Shion will create. Elyurias asks if Nezumi is satisfied, if he doesn't harbor hatred toward No.6 anymore. He says that No.6 is already destroyed now, but if the same kind of city is created again, he'll fight it again. Elyurias conveys to Shion a message from Safu - "I'll entrust everything to you." Elyurias says she'll give humanity one last chance and then disappears. Shion says that everything has finally been resolved, but Nezumi replies that the battle - Shion's battle - has only just started. When they get back into the room, the mayor requests that he be left alone. Immediately after they leave, they hear a gunshot from inside. And then the ending scene:

The sky was a clear blue.

A sunny and cloudless sky stretched atop the hills of North Block.

"Nice weather. Perfect for starting a trip."

Nezumi pressed down on his hair being blown by the wind.

"Shion, here is fine. You don't have to see me off."

"...Do you have to go?"

"I do."

"When will you come back?"

"Come back? I don't have a place to come back to."

"Can't I... can't I go with you, Nezumi?"

"You and I aren't the same. I'm wandering and you're staying here, that's all there is to it. Incompatible people can't live together. You should be clear on that as well."

Nezumi looked at the scenery around him.

The city formerly known as No.6 spread across his view. From where he was standing, it seemed as if nothing had changed at all.



"Are you crying?"

"Who's crying... I'm not a girl..."

"You know, I'm afraid of you."


"I can't tell what you're thinking at all. You're an enigma. You were able to capture the will of the people in an instant at the Moon Drop, yet you're crying like a girl right now. You're always switching from being vicious to courageous to innocent, and I'm left wondering if those are all just a part of you. But I just don't understand, so that makes me afraid. I want to see what kind of person you'll become after this... Right, maybe I'll come here again to check up on you. Your mom's muffins are quite inviting as well. Though I was a bit startled when she suddenly hugged me when we met."


Shion grabbed Nezumi's arm.

He had already reached his limit.

"Don't go, Nezumi. I want to be by your side. I want to be with you. That's all I ask for."



"How many times do I have to repeat it? You still have work that you need to finish."

"I can leave that to someone else..."

"You can't leave it to someone else, Shion. It has to be you. Did you forget your promise with Safu? And what that doctor entrusted to you? Don't go back on your word. Shion... don't run away. You need to keep fighting. You have work to finish here. Don't turn your back to it."

Shion lowered his head.

He put more strength into the fingers that grabbed Nezumi's arm.

I know. I understand. But...

"There's no meaning in a world without you, Nezumi. No meaning at all."

His chin was grabbed and raised up with force.

Dark gray eyes closed in on him.

"What an unruly child. Just how old are you?"

It was a smiling woman's voice.

"Nezumi, I'm serious..."

Nezumi's lips covered his own.

It was a tender, passionate, and fierce kiss.

"Is this... a goodbye kiss?"

"It's a kiss of oath."

Nezumi smiled.

"We'll surely meet again, Shion."

Nezumi turned around and started walking. Hamlet and Cravate jumped onto his shoulders and softly squeaked.

Squeak squeak squeak, squeak squeak squeak...

The wind blew. Clouds drifted across the sky.

Nezumi's back gradually became distant.

He didn't turn back once.


I still don't know your name.

No, it's fine if I don't know.

To Shion, Nezumi was just Nezumi. He could never be replaced.

Nezumi, I'll always be waiting.

No matter how many years go by, no matter how old I get, I'll always be waiting here for you.

One who wanders and one who stays. One day, they'll surely cross paths. When that time comes, I definitely won't let you go without a word.

Nezumi, I'll always be waiting for you.

The wind blew. The sunlight shined.

Over Shion, over the city about to be reborn, and over Nezumi's footprints.

The light poured down and enveloped everything.


"Nezumi, this book--"
"It's Shakespeare. Macbeth."
"Are all these books classics?"

No.6 #1

A letter from Inukashi arrived. It had been some time since she last sent one.

Shion, how have you been?
Things are still the same as always over here. Old man Rikiga's been in a good mood lately, since he can go back and forth to where you are since there's no more wall. Life can catch you by surprise, so be careful. It'd be a real tragedy if that old geezer became your stepfather.
Your mom sent little Shion and me some apple pie and rolls a few days ago. They tasted incredible. Thank your mom for me. Little Shion is almost three now (I'm guessing, since I don't know when he was born anyway).
Next time you have some time off, can you come help wash the dogs? Though I heard you're part of the city reconstruction committee now, so such an amazing person as yourself might not be suited for such tasks. And there are other people who can help wash the dogs too.
But never mind. No matter how amazing you are, you'll always be the airheaded rich boy to me.

Shion carefully folded and put away the crudely written letter.

Of course I'll come, Inukashi.

Squeak squeak squeak.

The mouse that had chosen to stay with Shion, Tsukiyo, squeaked by his foot. He was getting old, but he was still as bright and active as always. He liked Karan, so he always slept on her bed.

There was another letter that he wasn't expecting.

It was from a man named Scorpion from the underground cave. A rat had delivered it to him a few days ago.

It was a brief thank you letter.

We're settling the forest now. Thanks to you we're starting off on the right path.
My sincerest gratitude.

After the correctional facility collapsed, the old man ordered the people of the underground cave to escape to the forest.

Please give them a safe place to live.

Shion conveyed the old man's brief message to the reconstruction committee and received permission to reserve a part of the northern forest for them.

It was in the same area as Mao, the village that the forest people had once lived. The vast and lush forest sheltered their eyes, which had become used to the dark, from the bright sun. It was a location that Shion had personally selected after much deliberation.

The old man remained underground, and along with a number of other elderly people, passed on there.

The former site of the correctional facility became a public park. Inukashi said that she often took little Shion there to play.

Time passed. Everything changed.

However, Shion didn't forget.

He stood up and walked to the window.

He pulled it wide open.

Come in, Nezumi.

Just like you did on that night.

Only the wind blew in, carrying the scent of green leaves.

I'll continue waiting.


There was once a city that existed on this land.

A dream city-state that amassed the intellect of mankind once existed here.

---No.6 / end---

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