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BD1 finally arrived! I ordered from Toranoana and all the tokuten are here. Haven't opened the BD yet because I should be studying for an exam right now, but whatever.

So I was all excited for my posters... until I saw that the poster tube had been smashed to hell. I was worried about customs, but I didn't think they'd destroy my package this far. Just look at this:

The hell, man. The posters avoided a direct hit, but the left side of the giant poster is still pretty crumbled. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to fix my clear poster either. Ugh, this really sucks. Is this how you treat EMS shipping, customs? Seriously?
The packing wasn't exactly the best though. I proxied from Celga and they were good for the most part, except this packing. If I ever order from them again I'll ask for sturdier packaging. The postcards are slightly bent at the top too, but nothing major.

Excuse the random utaite CDs.

You can't really see it in the image and I have terrible photo taking skills, but it is pretty bad in some spots. Some of you wanted me to scan the clear poster, but I don't think they're in scannable condition now. I'll try, but first they're going under some textbooks for a while. Blaaaah.

Edit: Ugh. Yeah. There are white creases on the clear poster. How do I get rid of this. Goddammit.

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Oh wow, I'm sorry to hear about the posters. D= I hope you can find a good solution to get rid of the creases in the clear poster!

Usually when I get things proxied via Celga, I'll get multiple things together, usually a few posters in one go, so they usually put all those posters into a bigger box (so poster tube/box within another box). How'd they do the packaging for you?

I think the creases can fade away a bit, but there's nothing I can do about the white lines... well, at least they're not that noticeable. ;;

They didn't even pack it inside a box, it was a paper package lined with bubble wrap and then with more bubble wrap surrounding the BD. Honestly I'm not too surprised the poster tube got squished in there. It was a bit disappointing considering how I've heard they're generally good with packaging. :/

What a shame (for the "white lines")!
But how many beautiful things! *____*
And the novel too <3
You have to know... I'm envious :P

Ahah, you'll probably be less envious if you knew how much money I'm throwing out... not healthy orz.
But thanks~

Uhm... yeah, probably you're right! XD

*screams blasphemy at the crushed box and the crease*
Kill the customs asdfgjkkl;'

Reminded me of how my Toranoana dj that my friend sent me was folded and stuffed into the mailbox. I nearly fainted.
Good thing the dj was of good sturdy cover and pages so damage was reduced by 80% sobs

Did the novel came with the BD1?

Omg toi8 posters looks so worth it for buying the BD ><;

Folded? Eek, sounds like a nightmare. I want to see if I can get some insurance money back or something. :|

The novel (guidebook actually) was a separate purchase~

They were totally worth the proxy money. Or totally would be if they didn't come squished like hell. ;;

Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear about your posters. D:

Damn customs, you should take better care of things! Specially when its anime merchandise! D:

Wow, the toi8 poster is so pretty. /admires it from afar

I haven't heard too many horror stories with US customs, so I thought I wouldn't have much to worry about... but nope. :|

It is pretty~ Now if only it came in a pretty condition.

Ugh...I'm sorry you couldn't be happy about them! It really sucks when you get damaged merchandise.
Though they look awesome in the pictures. I hope you can get them fixed!...somehow >.>

Yeah, it is a downer. But at least I have them. ;;
The big poster's creases have decreased a good amount, but the clear poster... blah.

I think you have ordered them from Toranoana right?
I saw the postcard and guessed.
In my case, I ordered from Noitamina and it arrived my house with a huge pack. The poster is totally safe!

However, noitamina price is a bit higher than Toranoana and they have a problem in delivery so it was 2 weeks late after I bought one directly from Toranoana.

Just FYI ^^

Did the large toi8 poster come with the BD1 or did you buy it separately? It's so pretty, I want one. ;-;

KAMI SAMA!! where did you get that poster of Shion and Nezumi lying in the grass?
or , where did you get any of that stuff?
I cant find a website ANYWHERE with No.6 merchandise. Please let me know ~
im dying to find any no.6 merch!


hi I know this blog is years old and maybe you don't even go on this website anymore, and the chances that you read my message amoung an ocean of other comments is slim....but >n< I need to know and there's no one else to ask....will there ever be any new content for no.6 because the manga says it's ongoing but its been years :( this story shattered my heart and it had such a sad ending ....please let me know somehow

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