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No.6»Shion end card
For some reason I've been on a Mr.Children music binge (is that even a thing) and I've noticed that a lot of their lyrics match No.6 a lot. Well, it's probably just my biased brain being biased and seeing No.6 in everything, but I really do love this band's lyrics. All translations here are copy/pasted form this fansite.

First we've got Tenohira, which a lot of you know from that No.6 MAD:

It’s because we dream it’s fleeting
because we search we don’t find
because we want we don’t get.
We’re at a loss
There’s no time to think
that we might’ve made a mistake somewhere
but we can’t relax without the answer

You are you, I am me, how is it we keep losing sight
of such an obvious, such a simple truth?


We don’t need to be one
if we can accept this
Of course, not calluously if we can accept this
we won’t need to be one
Our viewpoints, our philosophies, our religions
don’t need to be one
if we can accept one another
that would be grand

"You are you and I am me, we don't need to be one." Sounds exactly like Nezumi's words from volume 6. ;_; I love the arrange for this song, especially in the "all for one for all" part. HANABI is also really nice:

Whether we spend the years laughing or crying
time passes the same for all
the future is calling to us
are you, now, hearing it too?

Even though we knew from the start
that we’d eventually have to say goodbye
one more time, one more time, one more time, one more time
and as many times as I can I hope to see you again.

I never imagined that simply meeting you
could make the world seem so beautiful
would you laugh at me for being simple minded?
I want to say “thank you” to you from my heart.

I wish my heart flowed fast and smooth like water
so that it would not settle in one place.

For all those times when I need to see you
for those times when I’ll miss you so
one more time, one more time, one more time, one more time
I want to burn your memory deep in me.

3rd paragraph there, exactly Shion's thoughts right there. Going along the theme of "these lyrics are absolutely perfectly characterizations", there's also Hana no Nioi:

No matter what tragedies are buried in these places
there’s no doubt the seed of happiness is planted there.
When I’ve amassed enough tears shed,
I’ll water that seed with them.

I made my longing into a melody
when the wind carries away my whistling
somewhere, far away, with eyes smiling
you’ll be there listening.

Even if this really is goodbye
I hear your warm breathing
I just know that in some other form, with that same gaze
we’ll meet again.

And Gift is just a beautiful song in general:

We find ourselves presented with tough problems
“Answer with black or white”
with the wall we’ve run smack dab into before us
we’re not sure what to do
we may not know what to do but…

In between black and white there are infinite colors
and it’s there that I search for a color that suits you
once i’ve given it a gentle sounding name
then, I will give that most beautiful color to you.

Even if we arrive at the edge of the horizon,
a new horizon stretches on from there
I ask my heart
“Ready to call it quits?”
and I heard it say back
that it wants to keep on.

I can still manage carrying this baggage
that suddenly seems to have multiplied
I’ll even carry yours
So come on over,
that alone will lighten my heart.

And there's even a song for No.6 itself?! Everything Is Made From a Dream:

Dreams? Yeah, dreams, there WAS something like that
a wonderful sort of thing
…there was something like that
a brilliant sort of thing
We’ve come this far just revering them,
is that really the case?

The nuclear bombs, the biological weapons
that took a million human lives in one second
Those were once just the pure little dreams of nameless scientists,
weren’t they?
And now again we’re thinking only of our own happiness,
as we use science as a weapon and try to control life itself.

Misuchiru's discography is so large that they've written songs about anything and everything, haven't they. Okay, that's it for lyrics spam. If you've got something to recommend, link me!

In other news, my brain is being plagued by fic ideas. I've never written a fic before in my life and I'm not even that into reading them, so whyyyyy? Although I have been reading more than usual for No.6. I've never been interested in searching for "image songs" like this before either. This series does strange things to me. I feel like I really want to write but after a while of writing I start thinking how terrible and corny my ideas are and I should never publish them ever. But then I feel like writing again and the cycle repeats. No.6 why can't I quit you make it stoooop /sob

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I wrote an alternate ending fic idea out of impulse when the anime began haha.
Your impulse is as much as mine ;w;
I kinda abandoned the writings because it got too cheesy for me since I've never been a fanfiction kinda person. (exceptforcertainDCComicsandMarvelCOUGHS)
Anyway just write them out or in point forms and see how it goes? XD

Too cheesy... yeah, I know that feeling. ;; Though I feel like "the novels are super cheesy too, I'm just matching it!" ahah
I might end up writing something anyway just to get rid of the fic bug but who knows how it's going to turn out~

the lyrics really fit perfectly don't they?! :O i think i will go watch that MAD one more time. and then cry

as for fanfiction... well it won't hurt to try and finish one to the end, then sort of... sit on it for a few days and review it then right? :3 if it still seems corny then you can revise it? or you can co-write something.

Yes, they really are perfect~

Ahah, I've pretty much settled on writing something super corny if I'm going to write something at all. I like my corniness when it comes to this series anyway. Though my motivation has already dissipated by half... though it might come back again randomly ww

Wow, the MAD song really matches the whole No.6 / Nezumi and Sion thing. D:

I think now I'll cry everytime I hear it. ; _ ; Really, Mr. Children has amazing songs with amazing lyrics, something that is really hard to find in music nowadays.

/brb, off to cry.

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