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Pash! Animation File 09 GET
I wasn't expecting to get this for another few days, but it arrived at my door this morning. Made my day~ And so I took pictures. Forgive the crappy picture quality, I suck with cameras. All images are clickable for larger sizes.

Front and back cover:

Posters on the inside. The second poster is on the back of the first. It's pretty, but the character drawings are just pulled from the design drafts...

Message from Atsuko Asano on the first page:

I can't translate all of it but basically she says that she enjoyed watching the anime and enjoyed the feeling that "this Shion and Nezumi aren't her own", she had absolutely no uncomfortable feelings with the anime (UNLIKE SOME OF US...), and that she would be happy if we could meet Shion and Nezumi sometime again in the future (I HOPE THIS MEANS SOMETHING).

Compilation of anime art. It's not comprehensive (off the top of my head I can remember spreads from Animedia and Animage around the time of the last episode that aren't in here, though the Newtype one is), but it's nice:

Character introduction pages. Shion, Nezumi, Safu, and Inukashi each get 2, while Rikiga, Karan, and Yoming get 1. Safu's page got interrupted by Shion and Nezumi's kiss scene... Oi hey, that's mean ww.
Edit: Just noticed on Karan's page, it says "EYE COLOR" BLOWN". AHAHAHAHAH oh god my stomach.

After that is interviews with the main seiyuu, some staff, and episode summaries with 2 pages for each episode. Then a "Shion and Nezumi 10 Keywords" feature:

At this point I'm thinking "Wow, Pash didn't put in a random fangirl pandering article! I'm surprised that they haven't--"

Shion and Nezumi's Whispers of Love! ♥

Oh. Nevermind.
(Well, to be fair it's still 90% more tame than what Pash usually pulls.)

Next is a "No.6 Town Guide". No.5's landscape art is super pretty, it looks like a combination of Sydney and Venice. And then more staff interviews, and toi8's character and setting drafts:

Yes, that's short-haired Nezumi right there! Close-up~ Looks a bit strange to me...probably the bangs w:

And lastly a page for messages from the staff. This was hilarious, I loved it wwww:

Overall, a pretty nice fanbook. Nothing beyond what you'd expect but a good addition to the collection for any No.6 fan. My Otona Animedia mook has shipped and should arrive in one or two days, so I'm looking forward to that too. And then there's that new Data Book... which I'll probably end up buying if it's not a Movic exclusive orz.

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Aaaah thank you for this! God I can never get enough of toi8's draft designs. :3

she would be happy if we could meet Shion and Nezumi sometime again in the future

Asano-sensei, you troll. I am torn between tentative hope and leery dismay, the latter mostly because I probably couldn't take being jossed when it comes to these boys. :|


I can't help but hope... even though I know the chances are low. I can't help but hope. ;_;

Dear god, where do you live that you always get these things so fast? XD I only got my cdjapan mail this morning, telling me that they sent it off.

The pics are nice, can't wait to get my hands on my copy :3

I'm in the US, so usually things arrive nowhere near this fast. I ordered from Amazon (one of the rare times I did, since I had a lot of other stuff to order) and they sent it out a few days before the release date, but even they said it wouldn't arrive till the 2nd so this was a surprise~


It looks so gorgeous! :O! I can't wait for mine to arrive... I got the YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN SHIPPED! message this morning so I think I'll have to wait a couple more days before I can start stalking my mailbox obsessively. Plus, I was a total idiot and added a pre-order for November in with my order of the fan-mook so I'm going to have to wait even longer for that. (... at least the PASH! file is a separate order. x'D)


It looks pretty good~! I'm pretty pleased with the way it looks? I wish there were more posters or postcards or something, though... well, I always want more posters so this is nothing new. =')

Thanks again for posting this! ♥

I think the earlier Animation Files had more posters... guess they started to skimp out or something, oh well.

You're welcome!

;A; So pretty. Mine still haven't arrived but I'm sure they'll arrive in the next two or so days. I probably would've gotten the Pash file sooner if I hadn't chosen to have both mooks shipped together. orz.

Alas, sucks to be poor and have to ship everything in one package.

Still, I can't wait until my stuff arrives.

Ahah, I just happened to have a lot of other stuff to order so I took advantage of Amazon's cheaper shipping with big orders. I was surprised that they didn't ship the two mooks together though, they actually sent this one a couple days early.
Definitely set me back a good amount of money though. ;; /no pleasure buying for the rest of the year!

Hope your stuff arrives soon~

So many good images! Shame they didn't slip some more toi8 in but ah well. I would be tempted to buy this if I could get over my bitterness. That little tease from Asano is just painful. T-T But I'm glad she said something about the anime versions not being her Nezumi and Shion.

Thanks for the sharing ^^

Reading this actually helped me get over my bitterness a bit, because a lot of the staff comments are really amusing. But still, all comments about the last episode did nothing for me ahah.


Nice. Thanks for writing and sharing your review! I am soooo looking forward to receiving these in the mail, but that won't be until December at the earliest, probably!

(Would you be reviewing the other mook too? I read a review on amazon, which said that it had a lot of the stuff already published in the two volumes of Otona Animedia thus far...)

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(I will, and will take pictures too if no one else already has by the time I get it. And yeah, the majority of the interviews seem to be edited versions of the magazine ones. Doesn't affect me too much since my Japanese level isn't high enough to take in that much text yet though ahah)

Oh heeey, the Pash fanbook seems better than I thought! I'm glad I ordered it anyway despite being more interested in toi8's art. Thank you for sharing these pics! ^^ The opposite happened to me - the mook arrived for me today. I was pleasantly surprised! It had just shipped yesterday so I wasn't expecting it so soon. I am kinda let down by it though, I wish there had been more toi8 art, although there was a reasonable portion of it in the book... I think, but the rest was filled with anime stuff and interviews. Well, I knew it wasn't an artbook so that's to be expected but still... :< I want an artbook! Surely someone should have noticed how much the fans are demanding for one by now.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of the mook when you get yours! xD

Ooh, awesome that you got the otona animedia mook! Yeah, I heard the toi8 images are fewer than expected but then again, he didn't draw too much anyway... An artbook will come when Asano writes a sequel! /sobs

Thanks a bunch for sharing! Great artwork!

Thank you so much! Wow, now I'm curious, mind if I ask what is this "whispers of love" thing about? Quotation from the series or what?

Yeah, it's just a compilation of various quotes. The things Shion and Nezumi say to each other taken out of context-- Well, no, they're still totally like that in context.

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