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First BD/DVD is out and 2ch has been summarizing the contents of the drama CD, commentary, etc. I have yet to listen to the CD but someone posted a pretty detailed summary of it, so I've translated it below:

Title: Chance Meeting (邂逅)
Writer: Minakami Seishi
-For some reason the OP and ED are included.
-The entire CD is about 15 minutes long, including the OP and ED.
-Takes place one day before Shion and Nezumi's first meeting up until right when they met.

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There was also some stuff posted about the commentary by Kaji and Hosoya. Seems like it was just your average commentary, nothing too interesting to point out. Some points that did stick out to me:
-The scene in the beginning with Shion imagining himself in the air fading to leaves wasn't part of the original script, but was added into the storyboard by Nagasaki.
-The city of No.6 is based on Amsterdam.
-Kaji and Hosoya: "Look at all dem trophies, damn!"

I've been lazy on my novel review orz. My enthusiastic spirit has almost all dissipated since it's been a while since I've finished reading the novels ahah. I can't remember everything that I originally wanted to write... Well, it'll be up eventually. I've pretty much gotten over the anime ending too, thanks to people making fun of it on pixiv. I've sort of recreated the last episode in my mind and it now has some combination of penguin hats, witches, grief seeds, time loops, and Magical Songstress Idol Eve-chan☆.
Edit: Just noticed the Amazon reviews for the last BD lolololol. I'm surprised it's not ranked like 10,000th place.

FINALLY got the Complete Guide in the mail yesterday. That's the longest SAL has ever taken for me. It's a very nice book, very thorough and well made IMO. There's lots more illustrations than I was expecting as well. It's sort of a combined novel guide plus anime promotion book. I can see why people think it's overpriced, but I think it deserves more than the 3 star rating people gave it on Amazon. Might put up a summary of the contents when I have time, and maybe translate the character profiles? They have some amusing points in them. There's actually lots of random things in here that made me laugh, though I can't tell if it's intentional or unintentional pffft.

No.6 Anime Review
No.6»Shion end card
It'd be hard for me to review the No.6 anime as a standalone series. I'm invested enough in the novels that my mind automatically recalls all the corresponding scenes from the books when I watch the anime, so I can't help but compare the two. And so I'm not going to try to review this as a standalone series, I'll be judging it as an adaptation. However, that doesn't mean I'm going to judge whether or not they managed to fit in all the major scenes from the novel or stuck to them faithfully. It's been said many times - this is an 11 episode adaptation of a 9 volume novel series. There was no hope since the beginning that they'd be able to squeeze everything in. With this sort of adaptation, you need to animate only the important parts, simplify the plot, change it around, replace some aspects with anime original bits, and so on to make it work. Bones did all of that, but did they make it work? I'll be blunt - I don't think they did.

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Yeah, no.
Episode 11 - 伝えてくれ、ありのままを

Not much of a review here, just some incoherent thoughts. Might be offensive as well.

Edit: So many replies...! Thanks for the words, everyone, they're all really satisfying. I do hope this post isn't taking away from discussion in the comm though lol. Well, we can say the comm is for actual discussion while here is for rants.

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No.6 Volume 9 Summary
It's done. Thank you for staying with me as I plodded/rushed through these summaries. I highly enjoyed writing them and am sad that there aren't any more left to write. I wanted to get a novel review up at the same time, but it's incredibly late(or should I say early) right now, so that'll have to wait until later.
Anyway, this summary is pretty damn long in the non-translation parts, you'll see why. There might be mistakes everywhere because 3am logic, so please point out any that you come across. And of course, please enjoy No.6 volume 9!

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No.6 Volume 8 summary
Whoops, I'm late with this. Volume 9 summary should be up... well, later today. I have time today and I want to get the summary up before the last episode airs, but I'm not 100% certain it'll be on time. Because this one was late orz. Just a battle between me and the anime airing time here, don't mind me.

Enjoy reading~

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Final episode preview
There are some screencaps up on the official website, but no video preview.


Episode 11 - Tell Us, All That Is The Truth
After suffering many hardships, Shion and Nezumi have finally made it to where Safu is. However, they're too late since Safu has already been integrated with Elyurias. Realizing this, Shion's anger at No.6 finally explodes. Meanwhile, a large outbreak of the same parasitic bees in the middle of No.6's celebration of the "Holy Day" has occurred and many people are attacked. Just what will be the fate of No.6, as well as of Shion and Nezumi?

Script: Minakami Seishi
Storyboard: Teraoka Iwao, Nagasaki Kenji
Episode director: Nagasaki Kenji
Animation director: Ishino Satoshi, Tsukamoto Chiyomi, Kanno Hiroki, Sako Souichirou

All-out staff for the last episode, as expected. Are there usually that many animation directors working on last episodes? Episode title isn't from any of the novel chapters if I'm looking through them right. Summary doesn't tell us much... Shion's "anger explosion" sounds suspicious. I'm not expecting the Safu scene to stick to its novel counterpart but I do hope whatever they end up doing isn't too stupid. Well then, two days to go. Bring it, Bones.

No.6 Volume 8 Chapter 1 translation
No.6»Safu end card
Before I get the entire volume 8 summary up, I present to you a translation of the entirety of chapter 1. It's my favorite chapter, so uh... I translated all of it. There are other individual scenes that rank higher, but as a chapter as a whole, this one is my favorite. That and it's one giant, beautiful scene. I feel like I can't convey any of it properly by just translating a part of it.

This took longer than I was expecting, but it was still pretty rushed. I wish I didn't have to rush, but oh well, it's the anime pacing's fault. Want to get everything up ASAP. I think it's at least comprehensible enough to post, but please point out any mistakes. Anyway, please enjoy!


Chapter 1 - Ring the Alarum-Bell!

I gin to be aweary of the sun,
And wish the estate o' the world were now undone.
Ring the alarum-bell! Blow, wind! come, wrack!
At least we'll die with harness on our back.

Macbeth, Act 5 Scene 5

I love you, Shion. I love you more than anyone else.

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Holy jesus so much new No.6 merch is being announced. I put up a detailed post in the comm here, this journal will be for personal rambling.
Otona Animedia's releases should be the ones to go for if you're looking for serious articles and interviews and in-depth coverage on production and the story and etc. PASH is for depraved fanservice. As much as I'm glad that No.6 is going to be a part of their Animation File line(though no source yet), I'm kind of hesitant about it. The interviews and story/character overviews and such should definitely be worthwhile, and they always include at least one poster (from what I've seen they usually have a good amount of new art/posters, but the only one I've bought is AB!'s and they skimped out so meh). But this is Pash, so there's a 95% chance we're going to get a "SHION AND NEZUMI ARE SOOO IN LURVE NOW LET'S SEE WHICH ONE WOULD BE THE SEME!" article of some sort. But who knows, maybe Pash will surprise me for once (hahahah no).

Anyway, Otona Animedia's fanbook is a 120% buy. This is the closest thing we're getting to a toi8 artbook and gyaaaah I'm drooling. *¬*

Still working on vol8 summary. I'm so horribly stubborn. Translating an entire chapter within a couple days isn't exactly working out so far, but I still want to finish it. Because it's my favorite chapter. ;;

In other news, it seems that Pash Deeep! had an interview where some hints about the anime's ending were mentioned. Not too spoilery, but I'm putting this under a cut:
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Nezumi is the heroine!
Episode 10 - 奈落にあるもの

GJGJ Bones, you actually went and fit in a full 2 novels in 1 episode!
...I can't even tell if I was supposed to be sarcastic there or not. This was certainly an intense episode all around. Obvious emphasis was given to Shion's descent into yandere, but I'm not sure what to think of this sudden one episode change. Actually it was more like half an episode, wasn't it... They've kept Shion all gentle and innocent up till now, so I wonder what anime-only watchers think of his sudden change? And Nezumi's sudden change as well. Similar case of not including his first crying scene and then going all-out with this second one. I can't judge since my mind automatically fills in all the gaps, but I do feel like it was out of left field. They left out the part where Shion tries to kill himself too - no wait, would have been twice going back to volume 5. If anime!Shion's got a couple screws loose, novel!Shion barely has any correctly screwed in wwww.

Well, it was a good episode. They did an impressive job fitting so much into a single episode. This amount of rushing could have been avoided if they changed things earlier on, but too late to complain about that now. Inukashi and Rikiga had a much more active role here than in the novels, which I applaud Bones for. Though taking out Getsuyaku's character also means Lili's pretty much useless. Inukashi and the baby were cute~ I wonder if they're going to mention his name somewhere in the last episode?

This episode's animation deserves a special mention. Dat sakuga during Nezumi's fight scene hnnnnng. Best animation sequence of the show so far? I say yes. The fight scene itself though - as expected, the feeling was different with Rashi... It's one thing to kill off a random grunt, it's another for Shion to exact his revenge on that one evil guy that started it all. Man, you don't know how satisfied I was when Rashi died. Shame he doesn't exist in the anime. And then Nezumi's crying scene - the flashback to 4 years ago was a nice touch, I liked it. In fact the use of flashbacks in this whole episode was really well done, and that's saying something since I'm normally not a fan of flashback use.
Last scene... uwaah, Safu looks like the final boss! Is Ely!Safu gonna be the final boss? wwww

Shotas end card - toi8, you've even mastered drawing shotas? Damn. Though it took me a bit to realize that was Nezumi, and even longer to realize they're on the bed lol. Wonder what the final end card is going to be... Shion and Nezumi being happy please? ;; A full cast shot would be nice too.

Final episode preview - welp, for once CR didn't get the extended preview. "Shion, I'm supposed to do this!" - I don't recognize this line... Anime original? Can't predict at all how they're going to handle the last episode. Vol8 ch1 and vol9 ch4 are the necessary chapters to include. They could combine the first half of vol9 ch4 with vol8 ch1, then jump into the latter half of vol9 ch4, and then the ending and the epilogue... but if 2ch spoilers are to be trusted, they're going to include that one scene in vol8 ch3/4? Oooi that's just unnecessary drama then pffft.
...I'll say it now, I expect to laugh at the last episode rather than cry. If I do cry, I'll consider the ending a success.

Episode 10 preview
No.6»Safu end card

Episode 10 - What Lies in Hell
Shion and Nezumi successfully infiltrate the correctional facility. There, Shion discovers a dark side of No.6 beyond what he had ever imagined. They climb over the corpses of many people, and thanks to the cooperation of Inukashi and Rikiga, the two continue pushing forward in order to save Safu. Amidst all this, Nezumi becomes perplexed at Shion's gradually changing speech and conduct.

Script: Itou Michiko
Storyboard: Teraoka Iwao
Episode director: Satou Ikurou? (Can't find a 佐藤郁郎, but 佐藤育郎 directed episodes 2 and 6, so I'm guessing it's a typo.)
Animation director: Ooshiro Masaru, Matsuda Takeshi, Oonuki Kenichi

Word for word the same summary from back here. I swear 2ch needs to stop magically pulling these things from out of nowhere. Shorter summary than usual as well... guess Bones doesn't want to spoil anything EXCEPT THAT PREVIEW VIDEO SPOILS EVERYTHING.
One episode left after this... (´・ω・`)


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